A 3-point slinger is a device that is used to stabilize and balance a camera on a tripod or other support. It consists of three adjustable points that can be positioned to support the camera and evenly distribute its weight.

The 3-point slinger is typically used with larger cameras, such as DSLRs or professional video cameras, which can be heavy and difficult to balance on a tripod. By using a 3-point slinger, photographers and videographers can more easily adjust the balance of their camera and ensure that it remains stable and steady while in use.

To use a 3-point slinger, the photographer or videographer adjusts the position of the three points to support the camera and distribute its weight evenly. The camera is then mounted on the slinger and secured to the tripod or other support. The 3-point slinger can be adjusted as needed to fine-tune the balance of the camera and ensure that it is stable and secure.

3-point slingers are a useful tool for photographers and videographers who need to stabilize and balance their camera on a tripod or other support. They are particularly useful for larger cameras, which can be difficult to balance without assistance.