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3 Excellent Reasons to Consider Being a Locum Tenens Physician

3 Excellent Reasons to Consider Being a Locum Tenens Physician


The Latin phrase “locum tenens” means temporarily filling a particular position or taking another’s place for a period of time. For medical practitioners, it is working in hospitals or other medical facilities for a fixed time before getting a new assignment in a different location. The practice of locum tenens began in the United States in the seventies, with the primary objective of providing professional medical services to remote regions where resources are scarce or limited. And while it still serves the same purpose, more and more people in the medical field prefer locums and enjoy the flexibility and ability to maintain control over their careers as healthcare providers.

There are several reasons why being a locum tenens physician may be an excellent decision. It can also be a way to advance your career and achieve the goals that may have seemed challenging to begin with. Locum tenens provides opportunities to practice your profession in various locations and work with different medical personnel and facilities. The experience can be helpful in acquiring even more knowledge and further enhancing your skills. Below are excellent reasons to consider being a locum tenens physician.

  1. You create your work schedule

Most health providers opt for assignments provided by a  locum tenens company because they can create a convenient schedule for themselves. Working full-time in a medical facility limits time to have a life outside of work. Although you may choose to do full-time locum tenens work, you still have control over your time and manage it. The decision of how long your work assignments are and the time you spend on your breaks depend entirely on you. Should you decide to take locum tenens work in a different location for a more extended period, you also have the option to bring family members with you.

  1. There is variety

Another excellent reason to choose locum tenens is getting the chance to work in different locations that you may never have been to. It is a way to broaden your horizons and work with new people. The experience you gain from locum tenens is something you may never get working in one facility full-time. With locum tenens, you may be in a rural area at one point and assigned to a modern health facility the next. With this variety, you may discover which setting you are most comfortable in and decide to work there permanently.

  1. Higher compensation

Hiring full-time physicians for a hospital or medical facility is no easy task. However, when they are specialists and experienced in their field, it becomes even more challenging with the enticing offers they get. Because of this, employers are ready to offer locum tenens doctors a higher compensation. With this income, you can pay student loans, gain financial stability, and save for a better future. Locum tenens assignments generally include travel expenses, lodging, and other living expenses while you work there.

Locum tenens work is fulfilling and exciting. If you want to gain experience working in different settings, discover how they handle things in a new facility, and help more people, locum tenens is the one for you.