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5 Spells You Need to Use in DnD

5 Spells You Need to Use in DnD


These 5 spells are a must for ultimate fun and ultimate power.

  1. Fireball

Fireball is generally agreed to be one of the most overpowered spells in DnD 5e.

A ball of fire shoots from your fingertips! Any creature within 20 feet range gets cooked for 8d6 if they fail their Dexterity saving throw…and half damage even if they pass!

Fireball is also only a level 3 Evocation spell, making it a must at early levels to send unsuspecting fiends away in a heap of fire.  Fireball does even more damage than some tanks or melee characters in the early game!

If you upcast Fireball, you add 1d6 per spell slot…that means at level 9 you can throw a scorching 14d6! Not only that, but Fireball is an Area of Effect spell…meaning it catches everything flammable in the area on fire. All those goblins hiding around the corner will be extra-crispy.

The Fireball is a DnD classic for a reason and is a staple for every Wizard and Sorcerer’s spellbook.

  1. Charm Monster

Charm Monster is a 4th level enhancement that lets Bards, Druids, Sorcerers, Warlocks, and Wizards befriend a monster for an hour if they fail a Wisdom saving throw. If cast above level 4, you can charm multiple monsters.

Charm Monster also takes no Concentration, which is amazingly convenient. Gain a powerful ally on a whim and humiliate them at the same time. What could be better?

Charm Monster gives advantage on the saving throw if you’re fighting, so it’s hard to use it during battle. But if you sneak up on a monster, or if the big bad boss your DM has planned just won’t stop monologuing, they are fair game to be Charmed.

Charm Monster is very powerful at lower levels for players who can think of creative ways to use their “friend” while it’s Charmed…

  1. Hold Person

Hold Person is a 2nd level spell that lets Bards, Clerics, Druids, Sorcerers, Warlocks, and Wizards paralyze any humanoid for up to one minute. It’s a fantastic spell to sideline the Big Bad for a round while you take care of their minions.

The Paralyzed condition also grants automatic critical hits within 5 feet and advantage on all Attacks. Rogues, Monks, or any other fast movers can pile on and take out the boss in no time.

Hold Person at higher spell slots can also Hold multiple targets. If your targets are humanoid, you can stop an entire wave at the flick of a wrist!

Hold Person is simple but deadly with the right combination.

  1. Fly

Let’s face it—Flying never gets old. Sorcerers, Warlocks, and Wizards can fly up to 60 feet for up to 10 minutes, which in DnD time equates to about 60 turns. Rain fire down from above! Swoop down and heal fallen comrades! Or just fly away at the first sight of danger.

If you’re feeling generous, touch other party members to let them fly too! Not only does this build trust, but it’s also great for strategic placement or achieving mission objectives in a creative manner. You can even lift other characters that are light enough!

The downside to flying is it takes Concentration, so if you get hit you’ll turn into Icarus. But without risk there’s no reward!

  1. Arcane Eye

Arcane Eye is a must for Clerics and Wizards who get a kick out of sleuthing and is one the best Artificer spells 5e. Arcane Eye is a 4th level divination spell that creates an invisible eye you can send for reconnaissance up to 30 feet away.

The eye can look in any and send you back visual information for up to an hour…even in the dark!  You can also move the eye even further away with another action, giving you your own personal magic spybot.

The Arcane Eye is small enough to fit through an inch-wide hole. That means, pipes, keyholes, cracks in the wall, down a chimney…basically anywhere you aren’t supposed to be! You can use the eye to spy on a monster’s lair, a clandestine meeting in a tavern, a private home, or an NPC you don’t particularly trust. The Arcane Eye is a powerful information gathering tool. There’s more to it than meets the eye!