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Backend developer skills you must have

Backend developer skills you must have


The Internet has become one of the most significant parts of our lives. It’s hard to imagine your daily routine without going online nowadays. We use it everywhere: while working, studying, we watch movies and play games. We even make online payments. Pressing the buttons, sending messages, etc. But have you ever wondered how these processes work? Back End sounds unfamiliar and strange to you? This article will answer your questions and let you know more about the Internet. 

What is the Back End? 

Firstly, have you ever thought of where all your personal information goes after pressing the “SEND” button while filling in the form? Your data doesn’t disappear, all of it goes to the database. But what mechanism makes it? The short answer is the Back End.

The Back End (or Backend) is the software and hardware part of the service which is responsible for the functioning of its internal part. Basically, it’s a thing you will not face or have access to while surfing the Internet. Each time you fill in the form online, your data is sent to the Back End. 

What is the difference between the Back End and the Front End development?

Both of them play the main role in website construction. When the Back End is a more technical, theoretical side, the Front End is a practical and visual one. It’s as if they’re two sides of the same coin. Though both are essential to web development, their jobs, responsibilities, and working environments are distinct. The front end is basically what users see, whereas the backend is what happens behind the scenes.

Roles of a Back End developer

As it’s been said, a Back End developer’s work is a crucial part of creating websites. The responsibilities of such workers include interacting with the database, creating APIs, working in groups, and having good communication skills. BE developers have to improve websites or applications as much as possible. They have to collaborate with Front End developers and project managers during the development process. 

Back End skills in demand

Back End development is quite a forward-looking profession. You can choose between working in Back End Development Services or on your own. If you are interested in this topic, you may want to know what skills are required. A beginner Back End developer should keep in mind that for a successful career and good income, he will need:

Hard skills that are directly needed to solve certain problems. This may include:

  • Programming languages skills ​​- PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, Go and/or others;
  • Working with databases, the MySQL database management system skills;
  • Applying frameworks and programming patterns such as Ruby on Rails, Yii, Django, and/or others;
  • Work algorithms skills.

Soft skills that are necessary to successfully pass interviews and get a job, quickly integrate into a team, and for career development: 

  • To listen and hear, conduct a dialogue correctly, ask the right questions, and be persistent;
  • Do not be afraid to ask for help from more experienced colleagues and acquaintances;
  • To search and find the necessary information, to adopt the experience gained by others;
  • Know how to plan, set deadlines for completing tasks.

Where can such skills come in handy?

  •  Sales, purchases, and logistics of goods on the Internet with financial transactions;
  • E-education related to IT development and computer processes;
  • Creation of web portals and interactive services, as well as big projects consisting of several sites;
  • An industry that includes the development of mobile applications, testing, and their integration into the market;
  • Internet banking, where the Web allows organizations to provide financial services.
  • There are quite a lot of prospects for the Back End development specialist in the modern world, so it is very difficult to choose one particular direction, especially in the beginning. Moreover, the terms of reference of the same specialist involved in different companies may differ significantly, but still, there is a certain set of functions that a developer must be able to perform.


The Web is constantly changing. Everything we use and see in our daily lives is now available on the Internet. With the advancement of technology, there is a greater demand for backend developers. Finally, if you are still thinking about your career, Back End development is an excellent option for a fun and exciting profession.