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Everything You Should Know About Work And Mental Health

Everything You Should Know About Work And Mental Health


Your mental health is important. In essence, it refers to your state of mind and how you perceive things around you. It can affect the way you behave, react to situations, and even your outlook on life. It should be noted that poor mental health is not the same as being mentally ill.

Many things can affect your mental health but one of the biggest influences is work. That’s because you spend most of your time at work and there is often constant stress to please the boss and co-workers.

In fact, work can affect your mental health sufficiently to reduce your productivity and performance, potentially resulting in job loss. When this is a result of factors at work you may have a case for unfair dismissal and should speak to a good unfair dismissal employment lawyer.

Many things can affect your mental health at work but these are the most common issues.

Too Much Work

There are so many hours in the day and only so much work you can get through. If you’re working to your maximum and something takes longer than expected, you’re instantly going to struggle to get everything done. Add to this a boss that increases your workload and it is easy to become stressed about getting the work done in time.

Consistent stress will negatively affect your mental health and it’s bad for your physical health.

It’s important to talk to any boss about a work overload. If you don’t then you’ll end up burned out which will mean time off. That’s bad for you and the business.

Low Wages

Low wages mean that you don’t feel appreciated for the work you’re doing. That will quickly affect the way you see yourself and affect your self-esteem.

But, that’s not the only reason low wages reduces mental health. It also means you need to work overtime or additional jobs to make ends meet. That increases the amount of stress you’re under, makes it harder to maintain work performance, and ruins any work-life balance.

Conflict At Work

In a perfect world, everyone loves their job and gets along with all their colleagues. Unfortunately, in reality, this is rarely the case. Instead, it’s common to have some conflict at work. This can make you avoid situations at work, worry about them, and even take time off.

None of these things is good for your mental health or for your productivity at work.

How Anxiety Affects Mental Health

The more issues you have at work the more likely it is that you’ll be anxious about going to work. This affects your mental health and will often cause you to be uncertain about the best way forward. This anxiety and uncertainty are likely to spread into other areas of your life and prevent you from undertaking social commitments or new projects, even if they interest you.

When work damages your mental health it can decrease your social life, leading to depression and an array of other health issues. That’s why you need to be aware of the main causes and take steps to minimize mental health challenges at work.

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