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How To Choose a Gift for a Friend You’re Not Close To

How To Choose a Gift for a Friend You’re Not Close To


Buying a gift for your friends isn’t always easy. Everyone has different tastes, and you might only see your friend in person on rare occasions. You may have a new friend that you’re still getting to know.

Whether it’s a birthday, graduation, or holiday gift, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Instead of buying a generic gift, you want to choose one that your friend will love.

We wish it could be as easy as texting them to ask, “what should I buy you as a gift?”. While it isn’t always this simple, there are a few things you can do to make it easier to choose a gift for a friend you don’t know very well.

  1. Read back through your messages

You never know when a friend may have given you a hint of what to buy them. Scroll back through your text messages to get gift ideas. They may have said they love a certain brand or that they’ve been thinking of making a splurge purchase.

You never know where inspiration might strike, and your text messages are the perfect place to start. You might find a tidbit of information that gives an idea for a gift your friend will love. 

  1. Look through their social media

If you can’t find your answer by going through old text messages, try their social media. A little cyber-stalking can sometimes be the solution to your problems. Look out for brands that they’ve tagged in posts and see if there are any common themes. They might post lots of photos of their morning coffee or their favorite flowers.

If they don’t post often on social media, look at who they’re following. Most people will follow their favorite brands, the stores they shop at, and the influencers who have a similar style to them.

  1. Ask mutual friends for ideas

If you’re still struggling to get ideas, it’s time to call in reinforcements. If you don’t know what to buy, a mutual friend might have the answer. Figure out which ones of your friends know they best and reach out to ask for ideas. Make sure you tell them that the gift is meant to be a surprise!

You can always check social media to figure out what friends you have in common. Their best friend is another person you want to reach out to, even if you don’t know them very well.

  1. When in doubt, keep it simple

Sometimes, it’s best to keep your gifts simple. When in doubt, jewelry is always the perfect gift for any occasion. A knot ring is effortlessly chic and a minimalistic piece that will be right at home in any jewelry box. What we love about this knot ring is that it also symbolizes your friendship as being like a knot that can never be untied. 

What tips do you have for buying gifts for friends you’re not close to? Leave your advice in the comments below!