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How to Design a Character: Tips for Designing Characters

How to Design a Character: Tips for Designing Characters


It is difficult to imagine a person who doesn’t know any character. We adore interesting shapes and forms. But we rarely think about the people who create these characters. Behind all of them hides designers that work hard to make us fall in love with new characters. But is to easy to create an eye-catching image of your dream? Not really. Below you will find some crucial tips for designing amazing characters. So, here we go!

The stages of designing a character

Like with any other project, the development of an attractive character requires preparation. To design a character you should go through the following stages:

  • Investigate the environment around you: to create a nice and realistic character you should have some basic knowledge about human and animal movements, emotions, postures. Before you get down to business, pay attention to the real world. It will help you make the characters look more natural.
  • Conduct some analytical research: before you start analyzing the market and pay attention to some of your favorite characters. Define what features make them appealing and try to develop your style.
  • Ask for feedback: if you are just learning to design characters, ask for feedback from your friends and colleagues on all stages of your work. Make sure your character attracts attention and translates a specific vibe and mood. Be ready to accept the criticisms and learn from mistakes. 

How to design a good character?

  Our team has made up an inventory of tips that will help you create a sophisticated character. If you want to design a visually attractive and eye-catching masterpiece, keep reading this article till the end!

  1. Define your target audience 

Your character must perform a particular role. Define which feelings and associations it should conjure. To make it possible, think about the target audience. You should pay attention to its age, gender, place of living, and even cultural peculiarities. This information will influence your choice of colors, style, and overall mood of the character. You should also decide on its main feature. Your illustration must contain the main focus. It may be eyes, clothes, etc.

  1. Make your characters expressive 

 Your characters should be not only appealing but eye-catching. They should contain some specific features. In such a way people will quickly memorize them and associate with a particular brand, person, or company. A powerful character arouses strong feelings and emotions. If Internet users stay indifferent while watching your masterpieces, then you have failed. A basic understanding of human psychology may help you in designing a powerful character. For example, dark colors are usually used for negative heroes. Bright ones, on the other hand, are associated with the characters from cartoons and arouse positive feelings. 

 Make sure your objects are special in this or that way. If you find it difficult to work out your unique style, then visit and make use of professional services. 

  1. Exaggerate

  Characters are used not only for games but for marketing purposes as well. To make people pay attention to the objects you design you can exaggerate some of their features. It is a beneficial strategy for showing the overall mood and vibe of the character. 

  This technique is popular among designers. That is why we can see a strong character with big arms, a smart boy with an enormous head, etc. Exaggerating makes your character distinct from others and attracts great attention.

  1. Don’t be afraid of humor

  Some designers avoid using risky techniques. However, Internet users enjoy funny characters. You are allowed to design clumsy or even strange images. People adore such characters because they remind them of their friends or themselves. 

  1. Make use of 3D

   Three-dimensional characters dominate the modern market. It is the main reason why you should try 3D modeling. Such characters seem more realistic and entertaining to the audience. What’s more, thanks to 3D modeling you can create an illustration or make a prototype of a real-world object. 

  1. Think about the posture

  If you want your character to look natural, pay attention to its posture. The natural environment can help you there. Investigate the behavior of animals and people. It will help you design an eye-catching character due to some interesting posture solutions. 

Final thoughts

  A great character demands a real devotion to the process from the developers. It means that a person should take the design process seriously. Get prepared, investigate the natural environment, and work out your unique style. The tips mentioned above will help you manage it. Anyway, if you love your work, success will come.