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How to Know If There Are Rats in Your Attic

How to Know If There Are Rats in Your Attic


Rats are stealthy creatures that invade homes uninvited and make comfortable nests in it for themselves. They mostly enter through holes at the foot of the house or chew through wooden materials and other weak links. From there, they make their way to the roof of the house, ending up in the attic.

Five Signs You May Have Rats in Your Attic

If you suspect that there are rats in your attic, look for the signs below to be sure it is rats and not some other pests.

1.     Droppings

A good indication that you have rats in your attic is the droppings. Look around your attic and see if you can find black, shiny droppings on the floor. If there are, then there are probably rats in your attic. However, rat droppings are usually mistaken for mice droppings. The difference is that rat droppings are larger than mice droppings. While mice droppings are the size of a grain of rice, rats’ droppings are bigger, about 1/2-3/4 of an inch long. This is a test

2.     Urine Odor

If you enter your attic and the first thing that assaults you is urine odor, this is a sign that there are rats up there. They might have taken residence up there, leaving droppings and urine while having a merry time at your expense. Rat’s urine has a strong ammonia smell, leaving a chalky residue behind when dry. If you smell a strong urine scent in your attic with telltale chalky residues on surfaces, chances are you have a rat infestation. It is best to call a pest expert to exterminate the rats without delay.

3.     Gnawed Holes in Clothes

As the attic is where many items are stored, including clothes, bags, paper, and more. It is a haven for the rats, and they will happily chew through these items and make a nest with the materials. If you find gaping holes in your clothes or half-chewed papers, it is a sign that there are rats in your attic.

4.     Strange Noise at Night

Rats are nocturnal animals and mostly prefer to move around at night. Therefore if you wake up to the sound of pots banging and things falling, then chances are rats are having their party in your attic. However, this is sleep time for humans, so you might not be awake to hear the noises, which is why rats go undetected. However, if you do wake up and hear the sounds of screeching and banging pots, call a pest expert to have a look at the situation for you.

5.     Pet Behavior

When your pet starts behaving out of character, chances are that they spot a rodent intruder and are itching to get at it. If you have a cat, they are a great way to know if you have rats in your house. Your cat might start hissing and pawing at a particular spot if they detect the presence of a rat or mouse. However, not only cats but also dogs can detect if there is an unwanted guest in your home. When your pet takes an unusual interest in a particular spot in your attic, examine the area for signs of rats.

If you suspect you have a rat in your home, and you have checked for droppings, ammonia smell, strange noises, and pet behaviors, but nothing has clued you into whether there is a rat in your attic, then it is time to call a pest expert. They have specialized tools to detect if there are rats in your home and, if positive, can handle the infestation for you.