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Popular Types Of Sandblasting Machines To Consider Buying

Popular Types Of Sandblasting Machines To Consider Buying


Automotive, construction, aerospace, marine, and metalworking industries worldwide use abrasive blasting techniques to purify many surfaces of corrosion and rust. Invariably, they use several different types of machinery to get the job done, changing the tool depending on the specific task.

For example, a portable sandblaster is excellent for paint shops and auto repair companies that need to move the equipment constantly from one spot to another. Alternatively, automated models are perfect for treating large volumes of parts simultaneously, ensuring each piece receives equal work.

The following are the most popular options to invest in:

  • Automated models

Typically, an automated setup consists of a rotation table wherein the parts are spread out, allowing the sandblasting media to be evenly distributed through each. You can use various abrasive materials, such as aluminum oxide, steel, plastic, and glass beads.

Also, there are several types of machines to choose from, with the best ones including inline basket blasters, cylinder and pipe systems, rotary head setups, rubber belt tumblers, and inline conveyor models. Investing in a dust collection system is wise to ensure a debris-free workstation.

  • Portable machines

These versatile models are fantastic for removing loose debris or metal scraps from a surface, smoothing a rough exterior, or shaping a surface using the correct abrasive media. Good quality ones have rubber wheels that make moving them around the workstation easy and allow you to choose from various depressurization options. For instance, you can opt for a pressure hold, auto-depress, or a combination of both for more excellent results.

Moreover, you can pick glass beads, steel, copper slag, and various other abrasive media for the task. The machine is excellent for indoor and outdoor use. It is widely used to clean and maintain multiple appliances, steel structures, and other metal objects in industrial facilities and automotive companies. It is also highly sought-after in railway and mass transit industries, construction companies, agricultural enterprises, shipyard maintenance, etc.

  • Wet blasting equipment


These machines use abrasive media and water to clean surfaces of rust, coatings, and other debris. It incorporates highly robust residue pumps that get the job done at extraordinary speeds and are typically considered to be exceptionally environmentally friendly.

This technique is generally preferred over dry blasting as it is more effective and can vastly reduce manual labor due to its incredibly accurate automation. In short, you can perform the same task repeatedly, as often as you want, without worrying about spending excessive time and energy on it.

Where to buy

Whether you are looking for a top-quality portable sandblaster or another variant of machinery, you should look for a reputable vendor for your needs. Ideally, it is safest to select someone with decades of experience providing high-quality machinery to various industries while offering spare parts and ensuring maintenance, repair, and installation services. Some manufacturers also provide other equipment such as spray tools, solvent distillation systems, shot blasting machinery, and dust collection setups.

Furthermore, some professionals may specialize in creating custom products to suit your specific needs, allowing you to enjoy total value for your investment. So, look for an industry expert with exceptional services and products, helping you enjoy the best quality blasting equipment for your company.