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Rated Attractions & Places to Visit in Arizona

Rated Attractions & Places to Visit in Arizona


Good news for Arizona sports fans: sports betting is live and going strong. You can now create accounts with popular sportsbook apps and bet on big upcoming games and certain amateur leagues. Both in-person and online sports betting are available, with several Arizona arenas offering in-building wagering kiosks. This isn’t just limited to Arizona residents either. You can enjoy sports betting while staying in Arizona as a tourist. Arizona might not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of vacation, but it has a lot to enjoy.

As the year draws to a close, the Super Bowl is the next big betting event to look forward to. Football is a huge betting sport no matter where you are and you expect to find plenty of betting fans in Arizona. With convenient sports betting apps from names like DraftKings and FanDuel, you can easily place wagers on games even if you’re just stepping in to check out the sights. And what sights there are in Arizona. Here are the best places to check out when you visit Arizona.

Good Rated Attractions In Arizona

 Grand Canyon

Arizona’s most iconic attraction is this huge collection of ravines, cliffs, and ridges. Different parts offer different attractions, but mostly the goal is to simply take it all in. You can stand on top of certain lookout points to have an amazing view of how the Colorado River shaped the land. Trails can take you down to the bottom and provide a scenic hiking experience. You can even go on a Helicopter tour to get a bird’s eye view of things.


If nature isn’t really your thing, then check out Phoenix. This major US city offers the usual amenities you’d expect such as spas and top-class restaurants. It’s also a major hub for golfing as it tends to avoid the harsh weather of winter, making it a great place to tee off all year round.


History lovers will appreciate the site of Jerome, a mining town/ghost town built onto a steep hill. Tourists can see how the questionable construction choice affected the town through history, with some buildings having slid down the hill. Jerome is a great place for photo ops as many of the old buildings are still partially standing.

Hoover Dam

You can reserve a tour of this accomplishment of American construction, or just drive over the towering bridge to take it in from afar. Whatever you decide, you’re in for a spectacle. This is one of the biggest power plants in the country, as well as a giant artificial lake.

How To Register For Sports Betting in Arizona

Sports betting in Arizona has been live since September 2021. That means there are many platforms that are primed and ready to accept your wagers on upcoming games.Those wanting to play on iOS should be able to find popular betting services like DraftKings or Fox Bet just by searching the App Store. Google Play Store users will need to get a bit more creative as gambling apps aren’t directly allowed. You’ll have to go to the platform’s site and get a file called APK to trigger the download of the app. Once you’ve got the app downloaded, you can set up your account and deposit money to gamble with.

If this is your first time gambling on sports from your computer or phone, many of the services will offer incentives like risk-free plays, money matching, and promo codes for extended benefits. You’ll need to register an account using your ID– keep in mind that you can only bet on Arizona pools while in Arizona. You can bring funds into your account from cards or digital wallets.