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Shoulder Tattoos: Always In

Shoulder Tattoos: Always In


A tattoo on the shoulder looks beautiful and bright. Both male and female bodies can be beautifully decorated by tattoos on shoulders regardless of the style in which they are drawn.

Body art carries a certain meaning, which is determined not only by the tattoo sketch itself, but also by its location on your body. So, a tattoo on a man’s left shoulder is considered to be a sign of good luck, wealth, and success. A tattoo on a right shoulder is a reflection of family values and life principles. People are usually guided by this when choosing options for tattoo designs.

Peculiarities of a Shoulder Tattoo

  • The rounded smooth surface of shoulders makes it possible to apply a bright realistic 3D pattern.
  • Due to the dense skin, this part of the body is considered to be less painful for tattooing.
  • If desired, a tattoo on the shoulder can easily be made larger by continuing it on the neck, chest, back and arm.
  • The tattoo is invisible under clothing.
  • The skin of the shoulder deforms slightly as you get older, which means that the image will remain attractive for a long period of time.

Shoulder Tattoo for Men

Shoulder tattoo fashion originates from Indian tribes. Tattoos were done on this part of the body to show achievements, belonging to a particular tribe, position in society. Even now the elements on ancient Indian themes can be observed to cover men’s shoulders.

Trendy Shoulder Tattoo Designs

  • Animals and birds. Predators are a favorite men’s tattoo choice. With angry animal drawings they want to convey to people around them their readiness to protect themselves and their families. A calm animal illustrates the desire for reaching harmony and balance in life. A portrait of a pet can be tattooed in the style of realism.
  • The dragon tattoo design looks impressive in black and white. Usually a long dragon’s body covers the entire area of the arm.
  • Portrait of a loved one or cartoon hero. Plus, getting an angel tat on a shoulder is also a great idea.
  • If you choose the right pattern design, you can beautifully emphasize the merits and hide the imperfections of your body. It is a common belief that such tattoos are best done on the left shoulder to attract positive energy, especially when going for traditional Maori tattoo designs.

Men’s tattoos in tribal, whip shading, or dot work technique look elegant and classic.

Shoulder Tattoos for Women

By tattooing shoulders, girls bring out their elegance and beauty.

Trendy Female Tattoo Ideas

  • Girls love flowers. Roses, lotuses, lilies, peonies look gentle and attractive. Among popular designs there are also dandelions, daffodils, tulips, branches and flowers of Japanese cherry blossoms. The tattoo technique plays an important role: a tattoo can be done in watercolor, realism, or whip shading techniques. There are tattoo designs that combine flower patterns with geometric shapes.
  • Realistic 3D butterflies. It looks like a real insect is sitting on your shoulder.
  • The heart can be tattooed in combination with other symbols: weapons, inscriptions, animals, flowers. This tattoo design symbolizes love, passion, and devotion.
  • Mandala and ethnic patterns.

You can find plenty of shoulder tattoo ideas by professional specialists in the photo gallery on the page Check out interesting tattoo examples and book an appointment with the best tattoo artist in your area.