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The ultimate guide to buying solid wood kitchens

The ultimate guide to buying solid wood kitchens


Buying a new kitchen can be a challenging experience, especially when so many trends come and go. Fortunately, wood kitchens are a classic, so you can never go wrong with choosing such a material. Whether you are into a more traditional kitchen look or prefer a contemporary design, wood kitchens are a safe choice because they fit most styles.

Whatever the type of wood chosen for your kitchen, it can last even a lifetime because wood is well known for its quality. Apart from the outstanding quality, one of the most significant advantages of wood is that it features every kitchen design, something that makes it a trustworthy pick. It is also highly versatile – you can paint it and add a personal touch, varnish it, or keep it natural to highlight its beauty and elegance.

So, if you decided on buying a solid wood kitchen, here are some things to consider:

Why to choose solid wood kitchens

Stand the test of time

Given its long durability, wood can last decades, so you do not have to worry about changing your furniture once in several years. If properly maintained, wood can even be passed from generation to generation and still look impeccable. This kind of material can never become old-fashioned because it will always be sought after since it is incredibly practical and versatile.

While other types of wood tend to get damaged in time, solid wood makes for an excellent investment due to its outstanding resistance. Plus, you can easily restore and refinish it to look as good as new – and only you will know that it was once damaged. So, if you are not willing to replace your furniture often, we highly recommend you to invest in solid wood kitchens that not only look authentic and elegant but will please your eyes for many years to come.

Low maintenance

You probably did not expect, but solid wood does not require high maintenance. All you need to do is varnish it once in a while, and we assure you it will look exactly like the day you purchased it. We know how annoying it is to be continually preoccupied with your surfaces looking clean and smooth, but this will no longer be a problem with solid wood kitchens. Also, fixing should not be your concern because if any damage happens, solid wood is generally easy to repair and getting a replacement is also a solution.

Have charm and personality

Solid wood adds value to any space, being unrivaled in beauty. You have probably seen all that expensive-looking wood furniture from museums, castles, and fancy mansions. You can also obtain a sophisticated note by opting for solid wood cabinets. And trust us, everyone will be amazed when crossing your threshold since solid wood is not a common choice among kitchen materials.

How to pick solid wood kitchens

Choosing a type of wood can be a challenging task, given the several sorts from the market. Before buying solid wood kitchen units, you should know that every type of wood has its own particularities, which means you have to choose one according to your needs and taste. Wood types such as alder, oak, cherry, maple, or pine differ in colors and, of course, price, so you should carefully reflect on what would be the best choice for you. Oak, for example, is considered one of the easiest to work with. So, if functionality is the first thing you think about when looking for wood cabinets, oak should be on the top of your list. It also has unique patterns, like many other sorts of wood – alder, hickory, or walnut.

When picking a wood type, several aspects should be considered, and smoothness is one. In such a case, maple is the best option. It is the type of wood whose texture cannot be felt or seen, being perfect for painting. Maple is excellent for kitchen cabinets, especially if you want to paint them once in a while for a bit of refreshment. Even if maples tend to be more costly, you will not regret your investment because quality is unquestionable. Fortunately, there are affordable wood options, like pine and poplar. Pine, for instance, is a softwood that can always be given a coat of color to look fabulous.

No matter the type of wood you choose, one thing is for sure – wood is a high-quality material that gives your kitchen warmth and charm. Being versatile and customizable, you should not have problems adapting it to your personality and needs.

How to save money when purchasing solid wood kitchens

Replace only what you need

Sometimes you do not have to replace your entire kitchen because some items can still be in top shape. Maybe they need a little bit of refinishing but in no way replacement. In that case, varnish the old items to make them look fresher and replace the damaged ones with solid wood units. Frontals generally need to be replaced because they are used quite frequently. And you do not have to worry about finding separate doors because many kitchen manufacturers sell standalone items. Just make sure you take the right measurements before ordering new frontals (if you opt for bespoke kitchens).

Install your kitchen yourself

Many wood kitchens nowadays are aimed to be suitable for DIY installation. That means you do not have to hire a fitter because it would imply additional costs. Plus, every kitchen should come with an assembly instruction manual, so you do not need to be a skilled fitter to install your kitchen yourself. All you need is a little time to read the instructions and a bit of patience. And trust us – it will eventually be worth it because nothing compares with the elegance of a solid wood kitchen. 

You can also buy pre-assembled units and forget about the hassle a complete installation can give you. Many options are available so that you can make a perfect choice.

Final thoughts

Buying a solid wood kitchen can be challenging, as many aspects are involved in the process. But if you are entirely determined to change your old kitchen with a wood one, we hope that our guide will help you make the best decision.