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Top 5 Activities for a Large Group

Top 5 Activities for a Large Group


Getting a large group together takes some skill but might leave you feeling like a dog that has caught its tail once everyone arrives. “Now that I have gathered you all here, what shall we do?”

Avoid this awkward situation and come to the party guns blazing with these great large group activities. Whether you are getting together with old friends or starting up a new crew of misfits, you will never be at a loss for entertainment again.

Jackbox Party Pack

Jackbox is a fantastic way to include 8 players (sometimes more) in a night of fun and laughter. This online game really gained traction through the pandemic, with people from across the world (or sometimes even neighbors) trying to stay in touch in innovative ways.

The concept is simple and only one person in the group needs to purchase a party pack. This unlocks several games, guaranteed to offer hours of entertainment. You can play as a group in the same room or the host login and share their screen online for remote players. Each player needs their own mobile device and will simply input a code to open the game.

From there, chaos will ensue. Pit your artistic skills against each other, test your general knowledge, argue your way out of a corner, and see who can say the most by saying the least.

Social Deduction Games

There are social deduction games on everything from folklore to fascist regimes, and these are the perfect games for large groups. Lie and bluff your way to the end as you try to convince your friends that you really aren’t the killer.

Werewolf and Coup are arguably the most popular social deduction games out there. Werewolf can be played by groups as big as 75 people and some people have even figured out a way to rig a deck of normal playing cards to play the game.

Some of these games have a slightly more complicated setup but this adds a fun layer to gameplay. Games like Secret Hitler and Avalon have a few playing pieces, cards, and a game board but still easily accommodate groups of up to 10 people.

Online Quizzes

Who doesn’t love a quiz night? Ok, we can hear an audible sigh from the back row, but the majority of people revel in the opportunity to flex their brain muscles in front of their friends.

If you can’t join a local pub quiz night, you can always opt for a fun online quiz where everyone can play remotely or at a get-together at someone’s house. You can also create your own quiz if you want to get really technical but the variety of quizzes available online cover everything from pop culture to geography, science, and art.

If someone else has already done the legwork, why would you break a sweat?

Board Games

Board games have been bringing people together for thousands of years, and there are constantly new and invigorating games keeping the industry alive. If you are a social creature, board games should probably be your next big investment.

Look into 6 player board games, designed to test your logic, creativity, and ability to have fun. Look for a few basic games like King of Tokyo or Dixit where the rules are simple and first timers don’t feel too intimidated. These will be gateway drugs to more strategically complex games like The Game of Thrones boardgame or Betrayal at House on The Hill.

You can also stick to basics and get a game like Codenames that has endless replayability thanks to its simple setup.

PowerPoint Night

This large group activity has gained popularity thanks to TikTok and Instagram and has hilarious consequences. It works best for a group of people who have some history but don’t let that deter you, there are tons of variations that make it perfect for an icebreaker or new groups of friends.

Every person creates a PowerPoint presentation covering a topic near and dear to their heart. Sound boring? When topics include “Tinder Red Flags” and “Which Dogs Do My Friends Look Like”, you can be assured that there is nothing boring about it.