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Top 5 tips for DnD beginners

Top 5 tips for DnD beginners


For more than 45 years, DnD has reigned supreme as the most popular tabletop roleplaying game in the world. This makes it a little more than intimidating if you are a first-timer trying to break into this fantasy world. But many have done so before you and many will continue after you. So, listen up and enjoy a few easy tips for DnD beginners to make your entry into this magical realm as enjoyable as possible.

Create a Character with Depth

Creating the perfect character might seem like an impossible feat, but this is a catalyst process for the rest of your journey. Put time and effort into creating a well-rounded character with depth and an intriguing backstory because this is what will stay with you for all the quests to come.

Creating a complex character will also help you to better visualize how your character will respond to situations and why it has begun a quest in the first place. You and your character are not the same beings and they need to make decisions based on their own story, not yours.

Research into different classes before committing to one. The DnD 5th Edition also has subclasses so read material like the Bard 5e Guide to get a full understanding of the latest changes.

Watch Streams

It is totally possible to learn DnD as you go, if you have an adequate DM of course. But watching campaigns online will make you comfortable with the flow and the pace of the game.

It can also offer inspiration for creating your own characters and campaigns and offer great insight into how the game could possibly look. You won’t recreate those elaborate adventures on your first go but you will undoubtedly have a clearer idea of how a game should look.

Remember to Collaborate

A game of DnD is a collaborative effort, something new players often forget. Don’t be scared to make your voice heard or ask questions, your fellow adventurers are there to help and want you to succeed.

Likewise, you should also know when to back down. Know your place and give everyone an equal chance to play and give their input. Everything is a team effort and every broken bridge or herd of trolls should be faced together.

Get familiar with DnD stories

DnD has an extensive range of official fiction and it is a great idea to dig into those before you play and as your game progress. You will be able to imagine the realm of DnD and the settings you find yourself in and it also serves as an excellent source of inspiration.

Through these works of fiction, you can see how a game will play out and how it all comes together. They can also help you see how a character’s back story changes and influences their gameplay.

Roll With The Punches

It seems a bit corny to say “just have fun”, but in the end, it still remains true. No matter how heated a game of DnD becomes, there will always be space for a laugh. Try to make light of even the direst situations or see it as an opportunity to lift up another player.

If you are playing with a relaxed group of friends this might be easy. Rules are more likely guidelines and there is always a joke to be told. Roleplay your heart out and you will barely remember the fatal blows that have been dealt.

The biggest step to joining the DnD universe is to get your first adventure out of the way. It might be bumpier than a kobold’s skin but practice truly makes perfect. Happy questing!