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Top Tips for Creating Videos on Holiday

Top Tips for Creating Videos on Holiday


The videos you take on holiday aren’t just for making your friends jealous on social media. They will allow you to relive your travel adventures for years to come. So, you want your holiday videos to be as accurate and impactful as possible.

That’s easier said than done.

In the moment, you may feel like you’re shooting an incredible slice of life from your holiday. But when you watch the footage after your holiday has finished, it just seems…boring. This is because it takes more than a lens to bring back the sights, sounds, scents and feeling of being on holiday. This is what a good holiday video can accomplish.

Follow the tips below to make your holiday videos just as exciting as the journey itself.

Shoot Plenty of Footage

When showing off your holiday videos, less is more. But when you sit down to edit after your holiday, having more raw footage is always better. Keep your camera with you all the time so you can capture every magical moment.

You won’t know which clips will make perfect additions to a holiday video until after the fact.

Food is a good start. Research shows that nearly everyone finds footage of delicious dishes to be engaging. Just make sure to show action and movement to capture the moment, such as a fork digging into a mountain of spaghetti or someone taking a big bite of a burger.

Nightlife is also great for building emotional moments. If you go to a swanky jazz club, don’t be afraid to snag a saxophone video or capture a couple dancing to the tunes.

Build a Narrative

People like watching videos with a narrative flow. This doesn’t mean that your holiday video needs a protagonist and a villain. It means that viewers should feel a logical progression from one clip to the next.

For example, your video may start with you getting off the plane. Then, it might transition to the view from your hotel balcony. Next, it may mention “Day 1” of sightseeing. This gives the viewer a timeline to follow.

You can add other narrative elements too, like characters you met along the way, unexpected events and mishaps. As long as you maintain your timeline, each event will feel like a twist and turn in your holiday story.

Focus on Locals

Your holiday isn’t all about you! When you remember it, you’ll want to see the local faces and places just as much as your own. Try to capture moments in the local area that embody the feel of your holiday. This could be a group of old men playing cards outside of a cafe or a sunset over the skyline. Try to include people in most of your videos—too many clips without a human presence will come off as boring due to a lack of movement and emotion.

If possible, get some closeup shots of locals too. These will evoke the strongest emotions in your viewers.

Capture Movement

Movement is what makes your videos come to life—and what prevents them from being boring. Static subjects are what photos are for. Create videos based on the dynamic parts of your holiday.

Remember that movement is not just about the object you’re filming. You can also create movement by zooming or panning your shots. For example, you may be able to recreate the thrill of seeing a famous work of art by adding motion with your filming technique.

Experiment with Diverse Shots

Post edits, you want each of your holiday videos to include a variety of thrilling experiences. One way to include more variety is to diversify your shooting techniques. This includes shooting different angles, such as placing your camera level with the beach as you run into the waves. You can also take advantage of filters to capture the energy or emotion of a moment. Get familiar with your camera’s functions and try out some slow-motion or time-lapse shots—or even better, get a drone to nail some epic aerial shots.

Relive Your Holiday with Thrilling Holiday Videos

Your holiday videos will tell the tale of your trip for years to come. And it doesn’t take any videography know-how to make them lively and entertaining. Practice some of the tips above before your holiday begins so you’re ready to create great holiday videos from the moment you embark.