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11 Top Tips from an Expert eCommerce Consultant

11 Top Tips from an Expert eCommerce Consultant


Attracting the attention of customers to your product or service in the virtual world is much more difficult than in the real world. The thing is that it is impossible to keep track of the visits of new users who can visit hundreds of different sites in half an hour. A buyer enters an offline store and immediately stumbles upon a consultant who will keep his attention and tell him why he should purchase their particular product.

In order for an e-commerce website to be successful and able to hook a potential buyer from the first seconds, an effective strategy and use of tools to optimize customer interactions is necessary. He should get real ecommerce consulting services in order to be able to clarify some points and ask questions about the product.

Proven strategies created by experts in the world of e-commerce will also help you achieve your business goal.

Best Tips for Online Store Optimization

The following 11 strategies will help you increase sales, become competitive, and stand out from stores that offer the same products. Study and implement in your business those solutions that will be most effective in your case and bring real benefits:

  1. Sending emails about abandoned shopping carts. A study in SalesCycle showed that over 70% of users who visit online stores and add products to the cart never complete the process to its logical conclusion – checkout and purchase. If users are reminded of this through email notifications, it is possible to win back some users by turning them into buyers.
  2. Adding a video to the product list. This will grab the attention of customers visually and keep them on the page. The statistics don’t lie: more than 60% of users watch demo videos about products in online stores.
  3. Collaborate with influential social media bloggers. Influencers make up a significant part of the marketing business. If such influencers can advertise your product, its popularity will skyrocket, as will the demand.
  4. Keep a blog. If the product of the company and brand has a personal blog, the credibility of the product will increase. If there is trust, the client will be sure that with the help of this product or service, he will be able to solve his pains.
  5. Increase speed. Website response time plays an important role. If pages load slowly, many users will simply leave it impatiently.
  6. Offer customers free shipping. Stores that have shown such customer loyalty have more responses and purchases than sites where delivery is paid.
  7. Using smart pop-ups. These are windows that appear when loading a page or while using the site. They should not interfere with users, but at the same time they influence the subconscious, forcing them to subscribe to the newsletter or go to some additional website.
  8. Create interactive emails. Such a tool allows you to conduct a quiz or provide a questionnaire to users to find out what types of products they like best or what needs to be changed on the site.
  9. Adding a live chat feature. For customers to promptly receive answers to questions about the site, product design, product categories, site management, delivery and payment methods, and others.
  10. Launch a brand ambassador program. We are talking about regular customers. They are an important part of the development of the store, as they leave reviews, are active, and help new users learn about the merits of products. Such brand ambassadors should be encouraged with gifts and discounts.
  11. Enter the payment service after purchase. This is also a technique to increase the level of trust between the store and the client.

Get b2b ecommerce consulting from a company with many years of experience and a team of qualified specialists to increase the profit of your business, attract the attention of your target audience and become successful in your niche.