Anger Management Tv Show Cast

Anger Management Tv Show Cast


Series Cast (380) · Charlie Sheen · Shawnee Smith · Noureen DeWulf · Michael Arden · Derek Richardson · Barry Corbin · Daniela Bobadilla · Selma Blair.(1)

Anger Management (TV series) · Charlie Sheen · Selma Blair · Shawnee Smith · Daniela Bobadilla · Noureen DeWulf · Michael Arden · Derek Richardson · Barry Corbin (2)

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Actor ; Charlie Sheen as Charlie. Charlie Sheen. Charlie ; Shawnee Smith as Jennifer. Shawnee Smith. Jennifer ; Selma Blair as Kate. Selma Blair. Kate ; Daniela (3)

Series Cast 57 · Charlie Sheen · Charlie Goodson (100 Episodes) · Selma Blair · Kate Wales (100 Episodes) · Shawnee Smith · Jennifer Goodson (100 Episodes).(4)

Anger Management (TV series)

Cast — Cast · Charlie Sheen as Charlie Goodson · Selma Blair as Dr. Kate Wales · Shawnee Smith as Jennifer Goodson · Michael Arden as Patrick · Daniela Bobadilla (5)

Cast & Crew ; Charlie Sheen Charlie Goodson ; Selma Blair Kate Wales ; Shawnee Smith Jennifer Goodson ; Daniela Bobadilla Sam Goodson ; Michael Arden Patrick.(6)

Charlie is a successful therapist who thrives on the chaos in his life while still battling his own anger issues. Charlie’s colorful cast of patients (7)

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Tv series., comedy. Director: Bruce Helford, Gerry Cohen, Bob Koherr and others. Starring: Charlie Sheen, Shawnee Smith, Noureen DeWulf and others. A TV sitcom- (8)

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Anger Management – Cast · Charlie Sheen · Noureen DeWulf · Derek Richardson · Barry Corbin · Michael Arden · Shawnee Smith · Brian Austin Green · Laura Bell Bundy.(9)

Award-winning actor Charlie Sheen makes his return to series television in the new sitcom, “Anger Management.” Sheen stars as “Charlie,” a non-traditional (10)