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Contract Packing 101: Why It is One of the Best Things You Can Do for Your Business

Contract Packing 101: Why It is One of the Best Things You Can Do for Your Business


There are a host of companies today that all rely on contract packing, and they know that they have made the right choice. Contract packing (or contract packaging as it is also known) has made many businesses’ lives easier, and it’s a truly convenient solution that lets you become more efficient, more organised, and more in control and sets your brand apart from the rest. Why waste time and effort (and funds) trying to pack all sorts of items in-house when you can outsource your packing requirements to a company that is more well-versed in packing products than you will ever be? After all, they have the necessary skills and training and will do a thorough and proper job. But what does it do for your business, and what can you expect from the service? Let’s take a look at contract packing 101: why it is one of the best things you can do for your business.

Do you need a contract packer?

First, you need to determine if your business needs a contract packer in the first place. Do you manufacture and deliver items in bulk? Of course, you need to package the items first – and this is where a contract packing service comes in handy.

You may need the services and expertise of a contract packer if you don’t have the proper equipment in-house and cannot meet the demand, even if you are working overtime and at full capacity. If you temporarily offer a product (it’s part of a trial or promotion, for example), a contract packing service would be ideal because the contract packing professional already has the necessary equipment. The same is true if you are launching a product, have operations issues (for example, your current lines require maintenance or lack the staff to do it), or want to find a way to control your expenses.

Signs that you don’t need a contract packer

On the other hand, some circumstances don’t warrant a contract packer. For instance, hiring a contract packer may not be necessary if you have only a small run of your product. In the same vein, don’t hire a contract packer if you don’t have enough capacity or resources to put the recommendations or suggestions of the contract packer into practice. Of course, if you have the equipment or the manpower you need in-house, you wouldn’t require a contract packing service, either.

The benefits of a contract packer

You could already be aware of some of the benefits afforded by a contract packing service. For one, by working with a contract packer, you don’t have to invest in packing equipment because they will already have the packaging equipment you need – whether you need pouch packing, sachet filling, contract filling, hand assembly, or more. This saves you money and time, and their expertise and skill at what they do is another advantage – you don’t have to train your staff or hire more staff to do it because they have their own.

And even if you may have the equipment, perhaps there is a surge in production due to a holiday or season – rather than investing in equipment that you will only make use of for a season or a few months a year, you can instead depend on a contract packer who will anticipate your needs from the beginning.