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Datacenter proxies work: best uses and main features

Datacenter proxies work: best uses and main features


Don’t want anyone to track your location and data? You can start using datacenter (dc) proxies. The datacenter proxy agencies offer a set of IP addresses that hide your real information while you are browsing online. It is useful as you can stay anonymous and continue searching data, protecting your IP address details. Working with a datacenter is a much more secure solution than using a public VPN. The sites you visit may quickly track your geolocation and block you if the requests look suspicious.


The datacenter (dc) proxies created on the proxy provider servers can guarantee anonymity. Usually, the website uses a proxy server which overwrites individual IP addresses so third-party cookie tracking tools only see a proxy or masked IP addresses, not the original customers IP. The services cannot be detected easily. You can find a large pool of datacenter IPs providers like PrivateProxy with clean proxies online. Let’s learn how a datacenter proxy works, see its best uses and features.

Uses of datacenter proxies

There are several uses that come to mind. First, you may apply the solution to protect your information. Here are some other benefits why people work with dc intermediaries and have already set up proxies in their devices:

Staying anonymous

While surfing the web, you don’t have to read through the cookies and waste time. The set of IP addresses are connected to various places, rendering it almost impossible to trace your location when used for a short period of time. Meanwhile, the traffic is diverted elsewhere, making it safe to browse anonymously.

Geo-restricted services

Certain streaming services or websites have geographic limitations. For example, certain shows might only be shown in the USA or Australia. Therefore, if you use a server in the US, you can have complete access to your favorite sitcoms. So the datacenter subnets help you access such services and websites.

There are some websites that are not available worldwide, especially the ones that are used for administration purposes. If you want some information from geo-restricted sites, using datacenter substitutes could be one of the best options.

Gathering intel or data of your competitor

When performing competitor analysis, you might want to use datacenter proxies to prevent your IP address from getting banned. Such research is quite intense. You have to be careful and stay anonymous while gathering any intelligence on the immediate competitor. Datacenter proxies provide you an opportunity to do fast-paced research. Therefore, buying a datacenter proxy, even a premium subscription, could be not that expensive in a business setting.

Beta testing

Marketing is based on feedback. The first trial is the preliminary testing which is released into the public to get a reaction. When you want to get that reaction, it would be better when you release it in various regions, for example, using the servers from the cloud services.

The provider can help you set them up for different regions while running the tests. In this case, you should buy more web addresses from different regions. You can also get a discount on fast and functional proxy on every major location.

Web scraping for research

For researching for academic purposes, for example, you might need to scrap the web for information from restricted areas. Datacenter servers will provide:

  • access to every corner of the world;
  • you’ll receive authentic information;
  • API gateway with large IPs pool;
  • pseudo-infinite IPs for web brute forcing.

Certain scientific and analytical papers might be restricted in your location. Also, what is important during your research is speed. Datacenter proxies help you perform research without any delay.

Marketing purposes

Marketing researchers use the solution as the most common way to prevent banning. Also, researchers and analysts have to stay anonymous to stay ahead in the competition. You need datacenter proxies to stay anonymous and simultaneously do a fast-paced web scraping. Marketing is an essential part of many companies and marketing research can be quite stressful, slow and irritating if your IP address is repeatedly banned.

Special features of datacenter proxies

Imagine a world without datacenter proxies: you won’t be able to access streaming services from other countries and you might get banned when you are performing important research. It does not sound very exciting. How are datacenters helpful? Following are some special features:

  • Strong and fast performance — you can strongly scrap the web without any obstacles; using datacenter proxies don’t delay your performance.
  • Affordable pricing — buying datacenter proxies are cheaper than compared to residential and secure than using VPN (you can find different packages starting from $15 per month, the business packages usually start from $80-90 per month or you can also rent the packages).
  • Large variety of subnets — you can get different types of subnets depending on region and on number of proxies and the pricing changes according to the requirements; a larger number of proxies would mean that you have stronger protection.

How do they work?

Here, we will discuss step-by-step how to set up datacenter proxies. It is an easy process. One important thing is to choose a legit and trustworthy proxy provider. A lot of the process depends on the provider.

Step 1: Choose a proxy provider

Make sure you check the previous testimonials and ratings before choosing the proxy provider. You might also want to check the comments on third party apps or forums, where you can receive real information.

Step 2: Buy the datacenter proxies

Once you have decided on the datacenter proxy, it is time to select a package. A crucial fact is to keep the number of proxies in mind. Once you make the payment, the provider will do the rest. You can do the payment via credit card or net banking.

Step 3: Start the setting up phase

The provider will set up the proxies and give you the requirements’ information to use them. When you used to buy multiple subnets, then the provider would also set up the rotation for you.

Step 4: Start scraping

Finally, you are all set to start scraping the web. The intermediaries will hide your IP address and thereby the location. You can work in peace and without fear of getting banned. Whether it is market analysis or gathering some geo-restricted information, you can do everything.

Final thoughts

Datacenter proxies are super simple to set up and use. The important thing is to choose a legitimate company according to PrivateProxy and get a high number of IP addresses. That way you won’t get banned. Based on your use and purpose of the proxies, you can choose anywhere between 75 and 300 IP addresses. The prices, however, depend on the number of IP addresses along with purpose and quality of the subnets. Now, you can scrape the web for data obstacle-free.