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Different Offshore Staffing Profiles You Can Hire For

Different Offshore Staffing Profiles You Can Hire For


With the onset of the pandemic, many companies have started adopting a remote working model. The remote working model enables them to hire people from different countries. This not only helps in cost saving but also helps the company reap the advantage of various technical experts worldwide.

Offshore staffing as a concept was on the rise. However, the pandemic accelerated its demand and many companies from the west are outsourcing their staffing requirements to the east, especially to countries like the Philippines.

Many well-established RPOs and service providers can help you hire and manage your offshore team. A reputed agency will not only assist you in assembling an offshore team, but they will also act as an HR to them and help you manage them along the way.

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Moreover, many service providers offer dynamic working plans wherein you can opt whether your team would be working from a centralised office in their country, from home or a mix of the two working models.

In addition, there are various offshore staffing profiles you can hire for, ensuring that they will be fulfilled no matter your organisational needs.

1. Information Technology

Earlier, IT was only relevant for some specific industries; however, now, IT is the backbone of almost every business. No matter what industry you are in, having experienced IT professionals will help improve your productivity.

You can easily hire people for web development, testing, engineering and other job profiles when choosing a reputed RPO. They only provide the best talent who have relevant experience in the same industry and have outstanding qualifications.

In addition, you can ask the agency to provide a remote home-based team or a remote office team per your requirements.

It becomes pretty easy to build a full-scale IT team when you have the support of an experienced recruitment agency in the country.

2. Contact centre

Many businesses often spend a lot of money hiring people to answer phone calls or rescind email queries. It is a tedious and monotonous task that does not contribute to the growth of the business. So, it is best to outsource your contact centre services.

An offshore contact centre will be able to handle all the inbound and outbound voice, non-voice calls and instant messages for your business.

This way, you save a lot of money, and the contact centre will be better managed since the people you would outsource will be experts in the field.

3. Professional services

Many administrative and management tasks are required to conduct and grow a business. You can hire for services such as project management, legal advice, recruitment, operation management, administrative head, knowledge process outsourcing, logistics support, and much more. Administrative and management teams are essential to every business, and no matter your needs, you can hire the right people and form an exceptional offshore team.

4. Creative roles

A business often needs creative collaterals or assets for its marketing strategies and advertising. RPOs offer recruitment for services like web development, graphic design, UX design, photo editing, animation, storyboarding, etc.

As the list is not exclusive, there are many roles one can hire for. It is advised that you consult the recruitment service provider and discuss your needs along with organisational goals to help them provide the best talent for your company.