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Do You Want To Improve Your Creativity and Productivity? – A Workation Might Be the Answer

Do You Want To Improve Your Creativity and Productivity? – A Workation Might Be the Answer


Not long ago, no one had ever heard of a workation. It was exclusive to certain group of people and something most of us would never have even considered. The rise of remote work and getting comfortable with the technology required to make it successful has changed the playing field. 

With travel becoming the norm again and so many different options for lodging, a workation might be just the thing you need to consider.  It’s been a long couple years and you may have stored up some great vacation time, which you should definitely use! But if you aren’t ready to use those up yet, talk to your boss about a workation. 

A workation allows you to travel whether within your own country or internationally while still working full time and making sure you’re knocking things off that to do list. 

It allows a change of scenery which is proven to increase creativity, productivity and inspire great ideas. It can allow you to step back and gain new perspective without the stress of trying to get the most out of your vacation days. 

Planning a Workation

First, you need to pick a location. There are many factors that can come into play here. Are you more of an introvert looking for some peace outside your busy city life? Maybe you live in the suburbs and are looking for that downtown buzz? Take that into account! 

Other things to consider: 

  • Your food budget
  • Lodging requirements
  • WiFi speeds 
  • Coworking space and coffee shop availability 
  • Cultural activities you’re interested in

If you need some help to get started, Next Vacay has put together the 10 best destinations for a workation, having researched all that information and more to make it easy for you. 

The Office Is The Worst Place To Be Creative

If you need some help convincing your boss, let them know that a workation actually saves the company money. 

It also is shown to reduce creativity.  When you’re in a space that your mind  identifies as familiar and safe, it enters a state of relaxation and less stimulation.

A change of scenery in which you are exposed to new situations, problems that you have never faced, and points of view that you did not know naturally awaken creativity; it’s like an engine to turn on the imagination.

A new environment encourages you to see things you’d normally not notice, try new experiences and react and adapt to new situations. 

Traveling makes you more agile mentally. There are many benefits of a workation to your mental and physical health as well as your work quality. There’s no better time than right now to start planning yours!