Enterprise Data Management

Enterprise Data Management

Enterprise data management refers to a set of processes and activities focused on data accuracy, quality, security, availability, and good governance.(1)

Enterprise Data Management that allows you to adapt and respond to change faster and more effectively by managing your master data.(2)

Enterprise Data Management: What You Need to Know

Enterprise data management, often shortened to EDM, describes an organization’s capacity to integrate, govern, secure, and disseminate data from (3)

Enterprise Data Management (EDM) is an organization’s ability to specify, incorporate, retrieve, and store data for both internal processes and applications (4)

EDM Council

DCAM is the practitioner’s guide to data management. It covers the core capabilities for strategy, business case, program structure, governance implementation, (5)

Understand structured transactional data and known questions along with unknown, less-organized questions enabled by raw/external datasets in the data lakes (6)

Enterprise data management is the capability of the company or organization to define, integrate, and reclaim data. The management process revolves around (7)

What Is Enterprise Data Management and How Does It Work?

Enterprise data management is a process of managing, monitoring, and storing enterprise-wide data and most importantly, getting the entire (8)

What is Enterprise Data Management? – Actian

Enterprise data management is the capability to acquire, integrate, and analyze vast amounts of data to support decisions governance and more.(9)

The Enterprise Data Manager is responsible for all areas of data governance developing the overall data architecture strategy, creating and maintaining (10)