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How to Open a Coffee Shop: Guide

How to Open a Coffee Shop: Guide


Starting a coffee shop is a potentially profitable endeavor, but only if you approach it wisely. What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a successful cafeteria? Lots of guests, incredible coffee, delicious desserts, well-designed interior, laid-back atmosphere, and… nonstop Wi-Fi connection! That’s what we call client-friendliness!

So, if running a coffee house is among your current goals — and you’re seriously aimed at getting this type of operation going, we’ve got you covered. In this post, you’ll find some really useful tips on opening a coffee shop and operating it to the most effective extent possible.

To save your time, here’s a quick outline of steps for you:

  1. Explore the specificities of owning a cafeteria.
  2. Work up a brilliant action plan.
  3. Partner with excellent suppliers.
  4. Prepare startup money.
  5. Find an attractive commercial space.
  6. Obtain the needed licenses.
  7. Create an appealing interior.
  8. Buy the necessary equipment.
  9. Hire people and train them.
  10. Work up a solid marketing strategy.
  11. Work up a loyalty program.
  12. Get a top-notch coffee shop POS system.

Wondering what you need to bring the most vibrant of your coffee bar ideas to life? You need money, that’s a fact. So, it’s not surprising that you’re currently Googling ‘How much does it cost to start a coffee shop?’ The exact amount is dependent upon a multitude of aspects, including the neighborhood, the idea, and the building itself. Normally, you’ll need from $80,000 to 400,000 to get the whole thing going. Stay tuned for further details.

Write a coffee shop business plan

Sorting out a good action plan is among the first things you should do as you learn how to set up a coffee shop. Ensure this plan is well thought out and customizable, with enough room for the just-in-case adjustment.

On the whole, this plan should include:

  • the essence of your business;
  • its stages, objectives, and innovative concept;
  • future spendings and potential threats;
  • in-depth analysis of your competitors;
  • realistic and well-calculated predictions about your potential earnings.

A professionally developed business plan aids you in sorting out your competitor assessment, developing an excellent menu, evaluating your startup capital, as well as structuring your ownership and management potential. Additionally, with a solid workplan at your disposal, your chances of pinpointing the needed concept get a significant boost.

Choose the best location and find suppliers

Finding an excellent space is paramount if you’re on a mission to make your operation succeed. Prior to sealing the deal, assess and consider a slew of locations. Zero in on foot traffic there, focus on their parking possibilities, visibility, and explore local community specifics. Discussing the space that has caught your attention with a good lawyer is a wise choice, for it will aid you in sorting out all the paperwork right.

On the whole, you need something that corresponds to these criteria:

  • easy to find and navigate to;
  • visually charming and with lots of foot traffic;
  • not brimming with competitors with similar concepts;
  • rent price and your personal intuition;
  • a nice place that suits your concept.

Sourcing reliable suppliers is also crucial when it comes to operating a profitable business. Coffee, milk, sugar, flour, fresh fruit, syrups, cups, napkins… the selection of the supplies you’ll need is really extensive. Begin by making a concept-specific list of what you’ll need based on your unique requirements. After that, start looking for suppliers until you find exactly what resonates with your needs.

Promotion & marketing strategy for a coffee shop

If you want your cafeteria to succeed, you’ll need to promote it right away, nonstop, and in a well-planned manner. Here are some handy hacks to take into account:

  • give away free coffee samples;
  • get to grips with email marketing;
  • spark word-of-mouth promotion;
  • cooperate with local companies;
  • work on a memorable brand that makes your guests want to come back;
  • ensure the social media promotion strategy for a coffee bar is top-of-the-line in your case.

List of equipment for coffee shop

The real magic is only possible with the right coffee shop management — and high-quality equipment, of course. Therefore, outfitting your space with the items from this list is a surefire must-do:

  • commercial brewers;
  • must-install accessories;
  • ovens and microwaves;
  • refrigerators and freezers;
  • safety tools;
  • several types of sinks.

Install a POS coffee shop system

Last but not least, you’ll also need to install a trusted application for tracking your inventory, monitoring your sales stats, keeping tabs on your earnings, streamlining your staff scheduling, and accepting payments on the go. ORTY is sure to cater to all your needs in this respect. Feature-packed and fully customizable, our software is fully adjustable and niche-friendly.