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IT Staff Augmentation vs. Outsourcing

IT Staff Augmentation vs. Outsourcing


Today, entrepreneurs use two popular tools in their business.  The first is an increase in staff, and the second is IT outsourcing.  Today we will talk about these two concepts in more detail.

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What is IT outsourcing?

IT outsourcing consists of outsourcing the IT services of a company or organization, leaving the execution of all processes and activities related to this sector in the hands of an external information technology company.

In short, we could say that we are talking about the subcontracting of IT personnel to an external company that has its own structure and resources, and also has full management and decision-making capabilities.

In this way, the company can remain competitive with new technologies without the need for a specialized department within the company.

When is the right time for IT outsourcing?

New technologies have revolutionized the business models of companies and at the same time brought new challenges and needs.

In this situation, the presence of a quality IT department is necessary for any organization both to remain competitive in the market and to increase security against possible cyber attacks.

The problem is that not all companies and organizations can afford to have a separate IT department, especially those small and medium companies that are at the development stage and do not have the necessary resources.

This is where IT outsourcing comes into play, which stands out as the most convenient, simple and effective solution for a company to stay competitive with new technologies.

The advantage of all this is that there is no need to include a dedicated department, which provides significant cost and time savings.

Therefore, investment in IT outsourcing must be considered when a company does not have the necessary funds or resources to be competitive with new technologies and offer quality services.

As we have already mentioned, this situation is typical for small and medium-sized companies, which, even with a professional with a computer profile, are not enough to solve all the tasks and processes related to IT.

What is IT Staff Augmentation?

Staffing is one of the most flexible outsourcing models, where a business hires outside talent to boost the performance of its internal team on a temporary basis.

Increasing staff is convenient to apply in both cases: both when employees are needed for a short period of time and for long-term work.

Short-term staff increases are typically used by companies during the high season or during peak days when their staff resources are not enough to meet demand.  During vacations, it is necessary to replace employees at their workplaces and keep productivity at the same level in order to replace a specific employee who has gone on vacation or sick leave.

Long-term staff growth is used for more global strategic purposes, for example, when a company needs to take on additional specialists for a large project.  This is typical for the project business: construction companies or software development firms.

Often, within the framework of long-term expansion, highly specialized employees are attracted, specialists in rare technologies, which are meaningless and costly to constantly keep on staff.  And construction companies, on the contrary, are characterized by the massive involvement of temporary personnel at construction sites.

What to choose is up to you.  The main thing before this is to carefully analyze your needs and decide what suits you best.