What does business select mean on southwest?

What does business select mean on southwest?

What does business select mean on southwest?



Business Select is a fare option offered by Southwest Airlines, one of the largest low-cost carriers in the United States. This article will delve into what Business Select means on Southwest, exploring its features, benefits, and how it differs from other fare classes offered by the airline.

Features of Business Select

Priority boarding: One of the key features of Business Select is priority boarding. Passengers who choose this fare class are among the first to board the aircraft, allowing them to select their preferred seats and settle in before the majority of other passengers.

Guaranteed seating: Business Select passengers are also guaranteed a seat on their chosen flight. While other fare classes may have limited availability, Business Select ensures that passengers will have a seat, even on fully booked flights.

Increased Rapid Rewards points: Southwest Airlines’ loyalty program, Rapid Rewards, offers points for every flight taken. Business Select passengers earn additional Rapid Rewards points compared to other fare classes, allowing them to accumulate rewards faster.

Premium drink onboard: Business Select passengers are entitled to a complimentary premium drink during their flight. This perk adds a touch of luxury to the travel experience.

Benefits of Business Select

Flexibility: Business Select offers greater flexibility to passengers. With priority boarding, guaranteed seating, and the ability to change flights without paying additional fees, Business Select passengers have more control over their travel plans.

Time-saving: Priority boarding ensures that Business Select passengers can secure their preferred seats and stow their carry-on luggage conveniently. This saves time and reduces stress, especially for those with tight connections or specific seating preferences.

Enhanced comfort: By being among the first to board, Business Select passengers have a wider choice of seats, including those with extra legroom. This can significantly enhance the comfort of the journey, especially for taller individuals or those who value additional space.

Differences from Other Fare Classes

Southwest Airlines offers three main fare classes: Business Select, Anytime, and Wanna Get Away. While all three options include benefits such as two free checked bags, no change fees, and no cancellation fees, there are some notable differences.

Price: Business Select is typically the most expensive fare class among the three. It offers additional benefits and flexibility, which come at a higher price point compared to the other fare classes.

Priority boarding: While both Business Select and Anytime fares offer priority boarding, Wanna Get Away fares do not. This means that passengers with Wanna Get Away fares will board after Business Select and Anytime passengers.

Refundability: Business Select fares are fully refundable, while Anytime fares are refundable with no fees. Wanna Get Away fares, on the other hand, are non-refundable, although the funds can be converted into reusable travel funds for future use.


Business Select on Southwest Airlines offers passengers a range of benefits, including priority boarding, guaranteed seating, increased Rapid Rewards points, and a complimentary premium drink. It provides greater flexibility, time-saving advantages, and enhanced comfort compared to other fare classes. While it comes at a higher price point, the added perks make it an attractive option for those seeking a more premium travel experience.


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