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What is the best country to outsource software development?

What is the best country to outsource software development?


Excellent partnerships are based on transparency and trust and have the opportunity to align such cooperation with the company’s culture and values. In addition, it also has to do with innovation to improve the quality and speed of software development. For example, the code for the global search engine Kayak is written in CEE. They have applied the software to 25% of the world’s heavy ships. The world’s largest peer-to-peer loan market and the largest market for aircraft parts were also created by Eastern European developers. Finally, these developers have been moved into top technology companies, including Facebook and Google (outsourced software development services by Digitalsuits).

Over the past two decades, Eastern Europe has become one of the largest supply regions for software development services. Ukraine, Poland, Romania and Belarus account for 5% of the global IT outsourcing market.


Mindfield Consulting believes that Ukraine is one of the leading and promising countries for outsourcing. There is a lot of smart technical talent and engineering expertise in this country. In addition, Ukrainian outsourcing rates are available without obvious cultural differences. Among the countries with the lowest cost of living, Ukraine ranks 6th. A decade ago, labour costs here were generally the lowest on the planet, but due to the heating up of the market, IT professionals have raised their prices somewhat. Even so, for clients from the US or Western Europe Ukrainian prices are still very attractive.

By moving all their IT “production facilities” to Ukraine, Western companies can reduce their costs by 40-60%. Kharkiv and Dnipropetrovsk rank 3rd and 5th in the ranking of the most cost-effective cities for IT development.

In particular, Ukraine ranks first among such countries as Croatia, Romania, Belarus, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland in terms of cost per hour of software development. Thus, in Ukraine the cost is 30-60 dollars, for comparison in Poland – 45-69 dollars.

You can describe your project idea to an outsourcing company. They will draw up a terms of reference and then create a turnkey project from scratch.

If your team is short of several specialists, they can be “rented” from such a company for a certain period of time. Such employees can even work exclusively on your project, but you don’t have to hire them to work for a few months.


Canada is a coastal country in the United States and provides a very convenient time zone for American clients. It is the home of a start-up company that is very powerful in the land of artificial intelligence. The main reason for this country’s interest in outsourcing is the ability to work flexibly. IT wants flexibility for work-life balance. It attracts clients with predictable quality, cultural and linguistic similarities. Because of the low exchange rate, their prices are cheaper than in the US IT market.


Companies working with this country understand the pros and cons and possible risks. The main disadvantage is that you cannot predict what quality of service you will get. Their IT companies are so different that you might get a great unicorn or a very unprofessional developer. Sometimes clients have to change the order of services to make the product better. On the other hand, the average hourly rate for a software developer in India is extremely low. This is why some technology leaders are willing to invest in this country. Also, India’s urban population is highly educated and has good experience in providing IT services.