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Where to monitoring AXS exchange rate? 5 Top Places

Where to monitoring AXS exchange rate? 5 Top Places


These six Android and iOS apps include many features that allow you to track the rates of various cryptocurrencies in real time. Including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Litecoin, Ripple, Axie Infinity to Terra  and many more.

 Matbea (WEB / Android / iOS, free)

This is a simple and straightforward application of the wallet-exchanger – “Matbi”. With it, you can buy and sell a number of popular cryptocurrencies today. To purchase coins, you must first top up your balance through a VISA \ Mastercard or Sberbank payment system. Rubles, dollars and euros are accepted. However, before that you need to go through a quick registration on “Matbi” by phone number or email.

Of course, up-to-date cryptocurrency buying and selling courses are also available on the Matbea app. To view them, call the left menu and select the “Courses” item there. They are shown for the following currencies:

  • BTC (Bitcoin);
  • ETH (Ethereum);
  • USDT (United States Dollar Tether);
  • LTC (Litecoin);
  • AXS;
  • ZEC (Zcash);
  • XMR (Monero);
  • BNB (Binance coin);
  • dollar;
  • Euro.

For each currency, the date and time at which the given rate is relevant is displayed. Usually this is practically the current moment. Green and red arrows indicate the last direction of the rate movement: up or down, and how many percent.

The Matbea app can also be used as a wallet for storing cryptocurrencies. The entrance to the application itself is password protected, and withdrawal operations from the wallet require three types of codes:

  • PIN;
  • SMS code;
  • code from email.

Buying and selling cryptocurrency at a bargain price

Thanks to this, we can not only buy or sell cryptocurrency, but also do it as quickly, safely and simply as possible. And even if we are talking about a significant amount, you will not have any problems – the site also collects data on the financial reserves of each site. Of course, you can not only analyze monitoring data and user opinions in Alligat0r, but also leave your feedback. 

How to use the monitoring service? 

With its help, you can monitor rate fluctuations. There is a convenient tool for monitoring quotes in your personal account. You just need to enter the amount and cryptocurrency to purchase. All applications will be processed automatically. On what basis are predictions made? Experts use several methods that are used by professional traders: 

  • Analysis. The method is based on the search for the reasons for the change in value, their analysis and the formation of forecasts. 
  • Search for leverage. Using this method, you can find potential reasons for the change in the value of digital currencies, predict their change. 
  • Navigation. Using these analytics, you can find the paths along which things will move. Online currency rate tracking service allows you to see data on quotes on any site.