Which of the following is not an order of business used in ffa meetings?

Which of the following is not an order of business used in ffa meetings?

Which of the following is not an order of business used in ffa meetings?



In FFA (Future Farmers of America) meetings, there are several orders of business that are typically followed to ensure an organized and productive discussion. However, not all orders of business are used in FFA meetings. In this article, we will explore the different orders of business commonly used in FFA meetings and identify which one is not typically included.

Standard Order of Business in FFA Meetings

FFA meetings often follow a standard order of business to maintain structure and efficiency. The typical order of business includes the following:

Call to Order: The meeting is officially started by the presiding officer, who calls the meeting to order and ensures that all necessary participants are present.

Opening Ceremonies: FFA meetings usually begin with the recitation of the FFA Creed, the Pledge of Allegiance, and other relevant ceremonies to set the tone for the meeting.

Roll Call: The secretary calls the roll to establish attendance and record who is present at the meeting.

Minutes: The secretary reads the minutes from the previous meeting, and members have the opportunity to make corrections or additions.

Officer Reports: Each officer, such as the president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary, provides a report on their respective responsibilities and any updates or announcements.

Committee Reports: If there are any committees within the FFA chapter, they will present their reports on ongoing projects or activities.

Old Business: This section allows members to discuss and address any unresolved matters from previous meetings.

New Business: Members can introduce and discuss new topics, proposals, or ideas.

Announcements: Any important announcements or upcoming events are shared with the members.

Adjournment: The meeting is officially closed by the presiding officer.

Which Order of Business is Not Used in FFA Meetings?

Among the listed orders of business, the one that is typically not used in FFA meetings is Materials and Equipment. This order of business is commonly found in meetings related to construction, manufacturing, or other industries where materials and equipment play a significant role. In FFA meetings, the focus is primarily on agricultural education and leadership development, rather than the procurement or discussion of materials and equipment.


In conclusion, FFA meetings follow a standard order of business to ensure a structured and productive discussion. While orders of business such as Call to Order, Opening Ceremonies, Roll Call, Minutes, Officer Reports, Committee Reports, Old Business, New Business, Announcements, and Adjournment are commonly used, the order of business related to Materials and Equipment is typically not included in FFA meetings. By following these orders of business, FFA chapters can effectively conduct their meetings and engage their members in meaningful discussions.


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