Closed-end Fund Analysis

Closed-end Fund Analysis

An Analysis of the Closed-End Fund Market

… A share- holder would pay taxes on $0.20 per share at the capital-gains rate and on $0.80 per share at the ordinary income-tax rate. Closed-end funds (CEFs) (1)


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… 5 A closed-end fund legally known as a closed-end investment company is one of three basic types of investment companies The two other types (3)


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… Fixed-income investors are often attracted to closed-end funds because many a closed-end fund research coverage normally wanes and the shares languish.(5)


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… Our closed-end fund benefits from global investment research that addresses the demands of the ever-changing financial landscape. We understand that every (7)

… by M Charrón · 2009 · Cited by 9 — by M Charrón · 2009 · Cited by 9and motivates further research of closed-end funds market efficiency asset pricing and the traditional and behavioral finance paradigms.(8)