Corporate Debt Restructuring

Corporate Debt Restructuring

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… by J Chung · · Cited by 7 — by J Chung · · Cited by 7The key qualitative result is that corporate debt restructurings “pay off” in the medium term: their economic cost is recouped over about 10 years. JEL (2)

Understanding of Debt Restructuring–Process and Benefits

… Debt restructuring is a process opted by business entities or individuals in order to prevent going into defaulters’ list on their existing debt. It involves (3)

… by J Shin · · Cited by 9 — by J Shin · · Cited by 9Keywords: Corporate debt restructuring macro effects investment unemployment. Author’s E-Mail Address: [email protected](4)

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… 6 Corporate debt restructuring is a process by which a company in financial difficulty agrees with its creditors to reorganise its debt (5)

… Debt restructuring involves concessions by creditors that lower an insolvent firm’s payments so that it may remain in business. Restructuring normally is (6)

Corporate Restructuring and Governance in East Asia

… CORPORATE restructuring involves restructuring the assets and liabilities of corporations including their debt-to-equity structures in line with their (7)

… A popular restructuring method is a debt for equity swap; financial creditors receive equity in the restructured vehicle in return for reducing or cancelling (8)