Leveraged Buyouts

Leveraged Buyouts


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… A leveraged buyout (LBO) occurs when the buyer of a company takes on a significant amount of debt as part of the purchase. The buyer will use assets from (2)

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… An LBO model analyzes the effect of debt servicing on a target company’s ongoing business operations. Interest requirements result in an increased use of free (3)

… A leveraged buyout allows the buyer to acquire a business without investing more than 10% to 15% equity. The debt-to-equity ratio allows buyers to maximize (4)

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… by G Jarrell · Cited by 8 — by G Jarrell · Cited by 8An LBO is a going-private transaction involving a tender offer for all of a firm’s common stock financed mostly by debt made by a group usually involving some (5)


Financial performance of leveraged buyouts: An empirical …