Non-deliverable Forwards (NDFs)

Non-deliverable Forwards (NDFs)


Non Deliverable Forwards

… NDF is a popular product in Asian market. NDF markets are mainly developed for emerging markets in Asia with capital controls where the currencies can (1)

… A non-deliverable forward (NDF) is typically executed offshore meaning outside the home market of the restricted currency. For example if a country’s currency (2)

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… by RN McCauley · · Cited by 24 — by RN McCauley · · Cited by 24NDFs are contracts for the difference between an agreed exchange rate and the actual spot rate at maturity settled with a single payment for (4)

Non-deliverable forwards: impact of currency …

… by KB Abou-Rizk · · Cited by 24 — by KB Abou-Rizk · · Cited by 24The microstructure of NDF trading is evolving under the global force of legal and regulatory reforms of derivatives markets. NDFs have started the transition (5)

… A Non-Deliverable Forward is an over-the-counter short-term cash-settled currency forward between two counterparties. On the contract settlement date the (6)

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… NON DELIVERABLE FORWARDS (NDFs). The NDF market has evolved as a result of restrictions in local forward markets. It allows hedging.(7)