Risk Transfer And Securitization

Risk Transfer And Securitization


Another Perspective on Credit Risk Transfer and Asset …

… by R Cantor · 2000 · Cited by 29 — by R Cantor · 2000 · Cited by 29A securitization may transfer credit risk away from a lender’s balance sheet creditors to other investors if (in the absence of implicit recourse to the lender (1)


Credit risk transfer, informed markets, and … – IDEAS/RePEc


… Credit Risk Transfer Informed kets and Securitization. Working paper #821. Susan M. Wachter Federal Reserve Bank of New York Economic Policy Review.(4)

Credit Risk Transfer, Informed Markets, and Securitization

… by SM Wachter · Cited by 12 — by SM Wachter · Cited by 12Mortgage-backed securities (MBS) funded the U.S. housing bubble while the ensuing bust resulted in systemic risk and the global financial crisis of 2007-09 (5)

… by VV Acharya · · Cited by 1299 — by VV Acharya · · Cited by 1299Effectively banks had used conduits to securitize assets without transfer- ring the risks to outside investors contrary to the com- mon understanding of (6)

US risk transfer market finally opens up – GlobalCapital

… 14 Risk transfer or risk-sharing transactions as some investors prefer to style them are synthetic securitizations in which an external (7)