Total Return Investing

Total Return Investing

Total Return Investing | EIP Investments


… Total return investing often involves active trading results in higher portfolio turnover and generates larger realized gains or losses. While.(2)

Hennessy Total Return Fund


… A total return approach by contrast can use both the income and capital gains generated by the portfolio assets to satisfy client distribution requirements.(4)

Total Return

… The Putnam Investments Total Return Composite (the “Composite”) seeks to deliver a more efficient risk/return profile than a traditionally balanced global (5)

… Designed to deliver high total return through investing in a wide range of debt securities. · Utilizes a dynamic approach that combines traditional fixed income (6)

Evaluating Performance – Investing Basics

… Rate of Return: Your investment return is all of the money you make or lose on an investment. To find your total return generally considered the most (7)

… distributions to investors than their open end fund counterparts. These higher distributions can represent a large portion of the CEF’s “total return” as (8)