Utility Rate Regulation

Utility Rate Regulation


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… Regulated utilities often refer to their rates as being “fair just and reasonable.” These words are not arbitrary adjectives but instead are terms of art built (2)


… At the time a public utility subject to rate regulation files with the board an application for any new or changed rates charges schedules or regulations (3)

… This traditional type of regulation is sometimes referred to as “cost-of-service regulation” because regulators set a utility’s rates so that it has a (4)

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… Rate Base / Rate of Return Method. Under this form of regulation the prices (or rates) a utility company is allowed to charge customers for its service are (5)

… Regulation of electric utilities. Regulation of Electric Utilities in Georgia. Overview · Electric Utility Rate-Making · Rate Design · Surveillance Filings (6)

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… 16 t Rate of return regulation is a type of regulation that allows utilities to cover their operating expenses (i.e. variable costs) and ensure (7)

… regulated energy utilities work under the terms of state law enforced through the state regulatory commission. The sum of these laws is often called the (8)