Yacht And Aircraft Finance

Yacht And Aircraft Finance

The Future of Yacht and Business Jet Finance

… 08 Michel Buffat head aviation & yacht finance at Credit Suisse points out that interest rates may be impacted by a client`s jurisdiction.(1)

… Close Brothers Aviation and ine offer tailored specialist finance for new and pre-owned aircraft commercial vessels and leisure boats.(2)

Aviation and Marine Finance

… our dedicated Aviation and ine team have a wealth of experience in financing new and pre-owned aircraft commercial vessels and leisure boats.(3)

… 14 However what about those financing such assets? Furthermore aircraft ships and yachts owned by persons “connected with Russia” may be (4)

JB Capital Group – Yacht and Business Jet Finance Solutions

… With senior positions held at some of the largest yacht and aircraft financing banks longstanding relationships are maintained with numerous financiers (5)


Avia Yacht Partners 360 Joins National Aircraft Finance …

… 13 Edgewater MD – National Aircraft Finance Association (NAFA) is pleased to announce that Avia Yacht Partners 360 has recently joined its (7)

… 06 One slide revealed that in and Credit Suisse experienced 12 defaults on its yacht and aircraft loans with a third of these (8)