Zero-coupon Bonds

Zero-coupon Bonds

What Is a Zero-Coupon Bond? Definition, Advantages, Risks

… 28 A zero-coupon bond doesn’t pay periodic interest but instead sells at a deep discount paying its full face value at maturity. · Zeros-coupon (1)

… Zero Coupon Bond Anleihe bzw. Obligation die während der Laufzeit keine regelmässigen Couponzahlungen vorsieht. Anstelle der Couponzahlungen erfolgt die (2)

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… Zero coupon bonds (or STRIPS) are bonds you can purchase at a deep discount and redeem at a set date (maturity date) at face value.(3)

… 17 A zero-coupon bond as the name implies does not pay a coupon (interest). So why would people buy a zero-coupon bond? Basically the bond is (4)

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… A strip is a zero-coupon bond that is a bond that makes no coupon payments during its life and has only one cash flow its redemption payment on maturity. “ (5)


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… investment income is the purchase of zero coupon bonds. The name “zero coupon bond” is derived from the value of the bond. The difference between the (7)

… The ABCs of Zero Coupon Bonds. At first blush the idea of a bond that doesn’t pay interest seems oxymoronic. After all isn’t a bond a debt instrument that (8)