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4 Types of Insurance You Might Need on Holiday

4 Types of Insurance You Might Need on Holiday

When you go on holiday, you assume that everything is going to be great. After all, you’re off work—so how couldn’t it be? However, holidays take you outside your comfort zone and into unknown situations. While this usually results in fun, friends and adventure, there’s also the chance that something could go wrong.

Purchasing the right insurance before your holiday can save you a lot of grief—and cash. Plus, it’s really cheap to cover the basics, like your health, your belongings and your travel arrangements. Below, we’ll recommend a few types of insurance you don’t want to go on holiday without.

1. Health Insurance

Visiting a new country is a thrill, but it also poses a number of health risks. From the moment you step on a plane, train or bus, you’re exposing yourself to loads of germs from travellers in transit. And when you arrive, you’ll likely be taking public transit, which is rarely sanitary.

You may also be jet-lagged, which can impair the immune system. Combine that with new foods, environments and pathogens, and it’s a recipe for a trip to the doctor. You don’t want to find yourself in hospital in a country where health coverage is expensive. It can ruin your holiday budget for this and your next trip.

Instead, buy health insurance for a few weeks. It’ll probably cost you about £20 to insure yourself for your entire holiday. The peace of mind alone will keep you feeling healthy!

2. Trip Coverage

You’ve likely spent a hefty sum on transportation arrangements, and it’s no secret that these are unreliable. Flights are often delayed or cancelled and there’s no way to predict if it will happen to you. Even if your airline reimburses or rebooks you, you are still on the hook for nights of accommodation and activities that you may now miss.

Trip coverage, such as trip cancellation and interruption insurance, will provide you with a sum of cash in case your travel arrangements don’t go as planned. You can get thousands of pounds back for a cancelled or interrupted trip, helping to cover your lost time and potentially much more.

This is the sort of coverage that most people don’t opt for, as they think, “What are the odds, it won’t happen to me!” But chances are, you will eventually be the unlucky one who gets stuck.

3. Baggage Insurance

A baggage issue can turn a holiday into a nightmare, especially if you’re on a budget. You don’t want to use the money you’ve saved for a wine tour or jet skiing on new underwear. Covering your bag won’t just take the stress out of travel, but it might turn into a free shopping spree—losing your bag never felt this lucky! Even a delayed bag can result in £500 or more in claims cash.

Just make sure to file a claim at the airport or station as soon as your bag is confirmed lost or late. You’ll need all the paperwork from the companies involved to get paid.

4. Insurance Specific to Your Holiday

Purchasing the basic travel insurance listed above may not cover you for all your travel needs, especially if you’re going on a specific type of holiday. For example, if you’re taking a hunting holiday, you may want to purchase firearm insurance, such as shotgun insurance, to protect costly weaponry in transit.

Adventure holidays also require additional coverage. If you’re planning to go SCUBA diving, rafting, caving, climbing or anything else that might be considered “extreme,” you may need to purchase individual coverage for that activity. If you injure yourself while rock climbing, for example, your travel medical insurance may not cover those expenses. Luckily, most organized activities include the cost of insurance in their package price. But it’s not always the case, so make sure you ask the organizer beforehand.

The Best Holiday is One with Peace of Mind

Going on holiday is a perfect occasion to let loose and have fun. But it’s also a time to relax and recharge your batteries. Insuring your holiday is one of the best ways to deliver peace of mind—and true relaxation—from the moment you leave your home to the moment you return. Don’t let unexpected issues potentially ruin the holiday you’ve looked forward to for so long. Spend a few quid on insurance and enjoy the stress-free holiday you deserve.