Earthquake Insurance Oregon

Earthquake Insurance Oregon

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Most homeowner, mobile home, condominium, and renter insurance policies do not cover earthquake damage. About 20 percent of Oregonians have earthquake coverage, (1)
The cost for earthquake insurance coverage in Oregon varies, but a 2009 survey in Portland found the cost to insure a wood-frame home with (2)
While you can’t plan for earthquakes, you can be prepared. Protect your assets and your home from any damage by getting earthquake insurance.(3)

Earthquake – NW Insurance Council

While earthquake damage is excluded in a standard homeowners policy, Earthquake Insurance is available either as a separate policy, as an endorsement to your (4)
A survey by the Oregon Insurance Division of the 20 insurers that generate 80 percent of homeowner premiums in the state found: Earthquake (5)
The peril of earthquake is excluded in a standard Oregon home insurance, condo insurance, and renters insurance policy. Protection due to a loss from earthquake (6)

2. Complete Guide to Buying Earthquake Insurance – NerdWallet

In California, Oregon and Washington, residents can buy earthquake policies from GeoVera or Arrowhead; the latter is an agency selling policies from multiple (7)
Earthquake insurance provides coverage if your home is damaged by an earthquake. Standard homeowner and renters policies will not cover earthquake damage.(8)

What you need to know about earthquake insurance | KATU

According to the Oregon Division of Financial Regulation, less than 15% of Oregonians have earthquake coverage.(9)
ABI Insurance in Beaverton, Oregon can help you find an earthquake insurance to protect your property. Get a quote. (503) 292-1580.(10)

Find Earthquake Insurance Savings in Oregon | Trusted Choice

Why Is Earthquake Insurance Important in Oregon? Without an earthquake endorsement, your standard homeowners policy will not cover any damage (11)
Your homeowners insurance policy does not provide coverage for earthquake damage. If you own a home in California, Oregon, or Washington, then you need (12)
Most homeowners policies don’t cover earthquakes!! Most homeowner, mobile home, condominium and renters insurance policies do not cover earthquake damage.(13)

3. Portland Earthquake Insurance

Unfortunately, homeowner and business property policies don’t cover earthquakes. Instead, you must purchase earthquake insurance as a separate policy or (14)
If you live in Oregon or Washington, you’ve undoubtedly heard of the Cascadia subduction zone, the fault line stretching 700 miles from (15)

Portland, Oregon Earthquake Insurance

At Willis-Clay Insurance, Inc., we can protect your Oregon property with earthquake coverage. We realize that earthquake insurance is necessary in Oregon, (16)
Earthquake Insurance. It’s no secret, we live on shaky ground. An earthquake can strike anytime, anywhere, without notice, and causing both deadly and (17)
Standalone earthquake insurance policies in Washington and Oregon are usually more cost-effective and provide better protection than coverage that is endorsed, (18)

Earthquake Insurance

Be empowered by adding earthquake coverage to your existing home, From Washington State, to Oregon, Missouri and Illinois, small events can translate (19)
proximity to active earthquake faults; seismic history of the region (frequency of earthquakes); time since last earthquake; building construction (type of (20)

4. Earthquake Insurance |

Many insurance companies stopped insuring earthquakes in the 1990s after projections suggested that a major earthquake could potentially (21)
The percentages tend to be higher in areas of higher risk, like California. According to USAA, the average cost for earthquake insurance annually is between (22)

Residential & Commercial Earthquake Insurance – Tillamook …

Low cost and affordable earthquake insurance quotes for Tillamook, Oregon. Call 503-842-8213 today!(23)

5. Earthquake Insurance Coverage & Quotes

Many people assume a homeowners insurance policy will cover damage caused by earthquakes, but that isn’t usually true. What Does Earthquake Insurance Cover? You (24)
In states where earthquakes are common such as California, Oregon, Washington, and Alaska, you’ll typically only find higher deductible plans. Frequently Asked (25)


Oregon homeowners who have insurance to protect their homes and belongings may assume earthquakes are covered in the standard policy. Earthquake insurance (26)
Best Policy Transparency: GeoVera Insurance Company GeoVera offers earthquake insurance in California, Oregon, and Washington. The company has a solid A (27)

Earthquake Insurance: Is It Worth It? | Rocket Mortgage

Earthquake insurance covers damages caused by earthquakes that standard homeowners and renters policies do not.(28)
Oregon is the third likeliest state to suffer a severe earthquake…. …yet only one in five Oregonians has earthquake insurance. In the interest (29)
Did you know most homeowners policies don’t include Earthquake Insurance? Get covered. Serving clients in Grants Pass, OR, Medford, OR, Oregon, (30)

Do You Need Earthquake Insurance – State Farm®

Your earthquake coverage may not cover personal property. Homeowners insurance does not typically cover personal property damage from earthquakes. You might (31)
The downside is their earthquake coverage is only available in three states—California, Oregon, and Washington. The earthquake policies have a combined limit (32)

Oregon Earthquake Insurance

JMI Insurance is able to provide you with the best earthquake insurance policies available. We’ll help you determine which policy is best for you and your (33)
McClain Insurance Services Inc provides free earthquake insurance quotes in Washington State and Oregon. Call us today for your quote at (425) 379-9200.(34)
How much does earthquake insurance cost? ; Montana, $1,474, $1,705 ; Nevada, $754, $1,046 ; Oklahoma, $2,987, $3,021 ; Oregon, $623, $802.(35)

The Truth About Earthquake Insurance – Lemonade

What is earthquake insurance? Does homeowners or renters insurance cover earthquakes? What does earthquake insurance cover? Earthquakes and deductibles(36)
Earthquake Insurance Information – Definitions, Coverage information, and Answers to ​Licensed in: Oregon, Washington, California, Arizona, and Idaho (37)

Coastal Oregon has the highest hazard for an earthquake, according to the Long-term National Seismic Hazard Map by the U.S. Geological Survey.(38)

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