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How to Know if an Insurance Company Offer is Fair in a Car Accident Claim

How to Know if an Insurance Company Offer is Fair in a Car Accident Claim


After an accident, you will need to fill out an auto insurance claim with your insurance company, during which you will be required to negotiate your settlement. You should keep in mind that it can be a bit tricky to figure out if the offer made by the insurance company is a fair one.

However, it would help if you first calculated all of the accident damages on your car to figure out a settlement amount which you deem fair.

How to Calculate Your Auto Injury Claim to Determine Fairness

Financial Damage

The first step you should undertake is adding up all your financial losses. Financial losses refer to how the car accident has impacted you financially. An excellent example of this would be an economic bill after receiving treatment from a hospital. Other financial losses from car accidents are the cost of physical therapy, lost wages as you recover and mental health treatment.

 Non-Financial Damages

Once you have added up all your financial damages, the next step is trying to figure out the value of your losses that are not financial. Examples of this would be pain and suffering, mental trauma and disfigurement.

Do You have Enough Evidence?

Once you have settled on a settlement amount, you must present your insurer with the evidence that proves your losses. Hopefully, once the insurance company looks at the evidence, they will give you an offer that matches the value you will have in mind. If the bid they give you below is less than the amount you wanted, then the offer is probably not fair.

In some cases, an insurance company will try to deny some parts of your claim by alleging that your estimations are off or that you have requested a farfetched amount for your suffering and pain. If you are not pleased with their offer, you should not hesitate to take the matter to a court of law for it to be determined. It would help if you kept in mind that you are entitled to receive a fair payment for an accident another party has caused.

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When you get damages, it will help if you figure out which damages it covers, as this is a good way of evaluating your accident settlement. In most cases, the injuries you get after your accident will extend beyond your hospital bills and can cover aspects of your life such as your occupation, health and property. If a settlement is fair, then it should cover a large part of your damages, if not all of it. Medical bills are the most popular damages as your health is the biggest concern after an accident. A fair accident settlement offer should at least cover your medical expenses.

A car crash attorney can help you with your insurance claim and take you through the entire process. These experienced car accident injury lawyers can help you calculate your claim as well as help you negotiate with the insurance company to get fair compensation.