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5 Easy Ways to Boost Your Marketing With Holistic Strategies

5 Easy Ways to Boost Your Marketing With Holistic Strategies


Advertising can be tricky and complex, and so is marketing. There are no universally applicable rules; different things work for different companies. However, businesses and companies that want to grow organically are more likely to be open to experimenting with a range of different strategies to market their products/services. That’s where holistic marketing can play a big and crucial role.

Holistic marketing asks business owners like yourself and marketing teams to avoid thinking of a promotional strategy in an isolated way. Instead, businesses should be encouraged to monitor how every part of their marketing strategy impacts others, and eventually the overall brand of the business.

So, you might be asking yourself is holistic marketing the right tool for your business? That’s where we come in with five easy ways you can use holistic marketing strategies to take your business and your brand to the next level. Let’s dive right into it, shall we?

What Is Holistic Marketing?

Holistic marketing takes an interminable approach and a broad view of several, different vital marketing plans and incorporates them into one coordinated marketing plan.

A good holistic marketing approach can unify several departments and teams within your organization and provide them with a shared purpose! So it’s not surprising that, under a strategy like this, a business can truly thrive.

What Are the Components of Holistic Marketing?

Now that we have a basic idea of what holistic marketing is, here’s a list of components that go into it. Here they are:

  • Relationship Marketing
  • Integrated Marketing
  • Internal Marketing
  • Performance Marketing
  • Socially Responsible Marketing

5 Easy Ways to Boost Your Marketing with Holistic Strategies

Now that we have an idea about what holistic marketing is and what its components are, let’s move on to why you’re really here. We’ve put together a list of ways for you to boost your marketing using holistic strategies. Let’s dive into them!

1. Emails Make an Impact

For those who didn’t know, emails are considered to be the first social media platform. Not only is it powerful and widespread, but an email address is the one piece of data that you can relatively easily access. However, low click-through rates can indicate that marketers are struggling. Struggling to figure out how they can reach the right crowd and how they can create emails that leave good impressions.

This is where social sharing opinions come into play and allow your marketing email to reach a broad and new audience by prolonging its reach and giving more space for clicks and conversions. For instance, you can make it really easy for the recipients to share marketing emails by incorporating buttons for one or two social media networks. That’s why emails are an excellent opportunity to boost your marketing.

2. The Power of Social Media

By now, you must already be convinced that social media can give us a platform for identifying, engaging, and building meaningful relationships with your customers.

It has the ability to increase and boost the cause of different other marketing programs too. For instance, you can add social sharing buttons to your blogs, emails, and other resources which allows your readers to share things easily and fast.

Creating hashtags for any live events can help build the buzz for people to have inspiring conversations online. And it’s when these conversations start you can use social monitoring tools to participate, track them and also build relationships with your audience.

For instance, you can pick selected bits of content like quotes and statistics from photos or live presentations and use them for your social media posts. You can also consider automating your posts to leave room for those impromptu, spontaneous posts.

3. Online Events are the Key!

If you’re looking for a magic bullet in the middle of all your strategies, then webinars are the ones you’re looking for. They are one of the top best tools to use for effective lead generation. However, after webinars air, you’ll have to make sure they’re generating enough buzz and leads instead of just vanishing into your business’s archives.

To do this, you’ll first have to repurpose them. The point is to make them a source of useful content that fits your campaign and runs it for weeks. Maybe even months after that as well!

Try to extract the most eye-catching snippets and use them to create your social media posts or blog posts. Consider building extended marketing content that begins with a white paper or an ebook and continue on with social media campaigns and blog.

4. Blogs, Blogs, and More Blogs

Blogs have become one of the most used content marketing tools within the last decade. And yet, a lot of marketers still have doubts about the impact of their blogs. This shouldn’t come as a surprise as many blogs tend to feature a number of random posts that aren’t interrelated with their company’s current marketing campaigns.

We’ve mentioned previously how big of a role sharing buttons can play with all types of content, including blogs as well. However, keep in mind that blogging only works well as an SEO tool for your company. The key is to keep it updated regularly, possibly every week, and make wise use of the keywords present in your posts.

Another thing you should be aware of is when a blog post mentions other content from your other joined campaigns, make sure to include a call to action. This CTA will help to move any potential leads you may have to the next step of the process.

Here’s a tip you can use to practice holistic marketing – make an editorial calendar that helps coordinate all blogging with other webinars, product launches, email marketing campaigns, and other major events. Keeping a formal calendar can make your life much easier than without it!

5. Having a Dedicated Landing Page

It takes a lot of time and effort to come up with a marketing campaign or a social media campaign. You’ll need social media support, content, a schedule, and maybe even a campaign or direct mail.

This is where landing pages come in. Sending your prospects to a landing page instead of a home page can result in wonders for your business. You can double (or triple) the conversion by testing and tuning your landing page too. That’s why you’ll notice that every type of content has a CTA, be it blog posts, emails, or social media. This helps to lead audiences to the landing page that’s catered to give a piece of information or maybe a special offer.

You can make great use of social media tools that can create unique, trackable URLs to tie your landing pages to specific content or campaign. This will help you to gain insight into what you need to tune and perfect your landing pages.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we’d like to say that using holistic strategies to improve your marketing efforts can give you a variety of tools and tactics to work with. And possibly bring more solidarity within your team(s) and even increase your results as well. We hope the five ways we mentioned here help you to increase your revenue, streamline processes, and ramp up your lead generation efforts.