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Basic features of advertising work in connected TV

Basic features of advertising work in connected TV


Advertising on connected TV does not imply that its price depends on the air time or channels on which it is shown. Instead, ads are streamed one at a time, depending on the particular viewer watching a specific program. The main advantage is that there will be no need to guess the preferences of your audience. 

Connected TV advertising is a new technology that demonstrates effectiveness. It allows modern TV owners to see your commercials (ads) as they watch their favorite videos, shows, and movies. It is streamed on a variety of popular platforms. These include Hulu, YouTube and others. 

Initially, the customer should choose the platform on which he wants to promote his services or products. Then, he should decide on the type of advertisement. In most cases, this is video advertising. After that, the customer will have access to additional features. For example, targeting. This will deliver information exactly to the audience that you need. Another important advantage is the possibility of changing the results of a CTV advertising campaign.

What advertising platforms are available

Don’t know what is connected tv? It’s the opportunity to customize the programs and choose the sites to view the information on your own. The most popular ones include:

  1. Facebook Watch. The number of its active users has already exceeded 5 billion. Here you can watch original shows, programs, and live broadcasts of various competitions. Video ads are usually created in Facebook Watch. They can be displayed when viewing the content, scrolling the feed.
  2. YouTube. It is the most popular video hosting site in the world. Everyone can find interesting and informative content for himself here. Billions of people all over the world use YouTube every day. Therefore, it is impossible to imagine modern business without advertising on this platform. It will allow the product to develop, to find new customers. The most important thing is that YouTube offers a lot of opportunities for business. First of all, it applies to created ads. They can be streamed before the launch of the video, after it or during the playback of the video. It is also possible to place a text ad at the bottom.
  3. Hulu. Thanks to this platform, you can watch clips, movies and other content when you have an Internet connection. There are almost 100 million active users on this platform. Many advertising market experts believe that Hulu is the ideal platform to work on, to start promoting your product. Video clips are most often created to be launched while watching films and TV shows. Their ratings are usually very high, so you will certainly be able to communicate the right information to your audience.
  4. TikTok. This social network is very popular among young people. TikTok publishes short videos that are easy to scroll through. If you want to generate targeted ads, choosing this site is the best solution. Social networks offer to create ads that will be displayed in the user’s feed.

Each of these platforms is extremely popular. The main thing is to properly present information about your company or service, and it will definitely find a response.


The main types of CTV advertising

Immediately after selecting a site, you can move on to the next step. You will need to decide on the type of advertising that best suits your business. The most popular varieties are:

  1. Media advertising. It is a set of visual elements. For example, an image, important information about the business. Such advertising is placed in the video or under it. The advantage is that users can view all the data without having to close the video. People are usually much more positively attracted to such ads.
  2. Video ads. This is the most popular type of advertising. The duration of such content is usually about 15-30 seconds. You can briefly convey basic information about the service, its features and benefits in the video.
  3. Pop-up ads. It appears when the user stops the video. It can also be displayed while watching a video, but its playback will not be stopped.
  4. Interactive advertising. It helps to attract the attention of potential audience. Tell about the product and try to interest the potential buyer.

Choose the convenient format and you will definitely be able to convey the necessary information to the audience.

Additional features and options

A huge advantage of advertising on CTV is that customers can take benefit of the targeting service. Thanks to this, your ad will be shown exactly to those who are most interested in it.  You can set criteria such as:

  • location;
  • age;
  • gender;
  • interests.

If you know the approximate portrait of your customer, it will be a big help. You should definitely use this option, so that advertising finds the right audience and gets a response.

In this way, progressive technology opens up new opportunities in the field of product promotion. This can help to attract new audiences and increase sales. Since on modern platforms the content is viewed regularly, your information will be shown on a regular basis every day. This will allow the audience to learn about the product and retain information about it.