Besides advertising fashion what does commercial photography do?

Besides advertising fashion what does commercial photography do?

Besides advertising fashion what does commercial photography do?



Commercial photography goes beyond just advertising fashion. While fashion photography is a significant aspect of commercial photography, there are several other roles and purposes that commercial photographers fulfill. In this article, we will explore the various functions and applications of commercial photography beyond fashion advertising.

Product Photography

Product presentation: One of the primary functions of commercial photography is to showcase products in the best possible light. Whether it’s for e-commerce websites, catalogs, or brochures, product photography plays a crucial role in presenting items attractively to potential customers.

Detail and close-ups: Commercial photographers excel at capturing the intricate details of products. This is particularly important for industries like jewelry, watches, or electronics, where customers want a close look at the products before making a purchase.

Food Photography

Menu and advertising: Commercial photographers specializing in food photography create enticing images for menus, restaurant advertisements, and food packaging. These images are carefully crafted to make the food look appetizing and appealing to potential customers.

Cookbooks and magazines: Food photographers also contribute to cookbooks, food magazines, and culinary publications. Their expertise in capturing the essence and presentation of dishes helps bring recipes to life and inspires readers to try new culinary creations.

Architectural Photography

Real estate: Commercial photographers in the architectural field capture images of buildings and properties for real estate listings. These images showcase the design, features, and ambiance of spaces, helping potential buyers or renters make informed decisions.

Interior design and hospitality: Architectural photographers also work with interior designers, architects, and hospitality businesses to capture the aesthetics and functionality of spaces. These images are used for portfolios, marketing materials, and editorial content.

Corporate Photography

Corporate events: Commercial photographers are often hired to document corporate events, conferences, and seminars. These images serve as a visual record of the event and can be used for marketing, PR, and internal communication purposes.

Headshots and portraits: Corporate photography also includes capturing professional headshots and portraits of employees, executives, and team members. These images are used for company websites, LinkedIn profiles, and other professional platforms.

Editorial Photography

Magazines and newspapers: Commercial photographers contribute to editorial content in magazines and newspapers. They capture images that complement articles, interviews, and features, helping to convey the story or message effectively.

Documentary and photojournalism: Some commercial photographers specialize in documentary or photojournalistic work. They capture images that tell a story, raise awareness, or document social and cultural events, often contributing to publications or exhibitions.


Commercial photography encompasses a wide range of applications beyond fashion advertising. From product photography to food photography, architectural photography to corporate photography, and editorial photography to documentary work, commercial photographers play a vital role in various industries. Their skills and expertise in capturing compelling images help businesses and individuals effectively communicate their message, showcase their products, and create engaging visual content.


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