Marketing Experts on DEMAND SIDE PLATFORMS (DSP)

Demand Side Platforms (DSP)

Demand Side Platforms (DSP)


What Is a DSP? Demand Side Platform Advertising Explained

… The Trade Desk; MediaMath; Adform; Roku Oneview; Adobe Advertising Cloud DSP. How Do Demand Side Platforms Make Money? There are a few (1)


What is a demand-side platform DSP? – Singular

… A demand-side platform (DSP) is a type of service that enables online advertisers to buy ad inventory from various vendors on mobile search (3)

… A demand-side platform is an advertising platform that helps advertisers find ad space for their needs. It is “demand-side” because the advertisers demand (4)

Demand Side Platform (DSP) – Extensiv

… 31 Demand side platform (DSP) is an automated buying platform where advertisers and agencies go to purchase digital ad inventory.(5)

… A software platform that allows advertisers to manage data exchange accounts and multiple ad exchange accounts through one interface. DSPs are an effective (6)

WTF is a demand-side platform? – Digiday

… 8 I keep hearing about demand-side platforms. What are they? A demand-side platform is a piece of software used to purchase advertising in an (7)

… What is a demand side platform? Or DSP? It’s technology marketers use to help them programmatically buy advertising from multiple ad exchanges and ad networks.(8)