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DevOps technologies: modern approach to software development

DevOps technologies: modern approach to software development


Devops as a service aims to improve the efficiency of work processes by applying a single work environment for all participating professionals. When dividing areas of responsibility, each specialist uses a specific type of working environment. As a result, when you need to put together all the parts of the program code, you have to translate all the fragments into one standard. These organizational barriers and production costs slow down the work process and reduce the company’s performance indicators.

The term “DevOps” describes only the organization of the workflow based on the Agile-approach, which includes the stages of development, testing and launch of software. Thanks to the multifunctional architecture, each program module can be created through continuous refactoring, which eliminates the need for constant modifications to the main software.

Main processes and goals of DevOps

DevOps, like similar cloud technologies, is designed to improve teamwork, which is faced with the task of developing all software life cycles. Since DevOps covers the entire production cycle, the main goals of the methodology are distinguished:

  • Reducing the term of software product development.
  • Minimizing the frequency of rejects when releasing new releases.
  • Reducing the number of edits and volumetric fixes.
  • Reduced recovery time in the event of software failures.

Thus, DevOps helps reduce the overall development time of an application by optimizing the production environment for each facility. To successfully fulfill its mission, DevOps is capable of solving the following tasks:

  • Optimization of software integration processes with different software environment.
  • Automation of the workflow.
  • Testing of the finished product in real working conditions.
  • Management of fragments of IT infrastructure.
  • Continuous monitoring of the health of the application.

Comparing DevOps to another cloud-based service, there are several fundamental principles for improving software development efficiency:

  • Team communications. Functional cooperation of specialists of various profiles and specialties in one working environment. Corporate communication channels that allow you to communicate and exchange data in any format.
  • Automation. A series of automated processes to continuously test each revision and identify failures during product preparation.
  • Monitoring. Measuring the development time of individual code fragments and determining software performance indicators.
  • Data exchange. Joint division of areas of responsibility between the subjects of the workflow and interaction in all life cycles of software.

Disadvantages of DevOps technology

For all its advantages, DevOps method has certain disadvantages:

  • Incomplete work cycle. Many processes are left out, for example, handling feedback after the application is launched.
  • Conflictness of subjects of development due to versatile functions.
  • Conflict of goals. By bringing together different specialists in one process, sometimes there is a conflict of the final goal, when one only needs to make the code, and the other group needs to get a working application.

Devops functions are monitored by a DevOps engineer who oversees the synchronization processes and stages of production of software code: from development and testing to launching to the market.

The dedicated specialist interacts with various departments and is responsible for the automation and administration of work processes.

Since this specialization involves the combination of many specialties (administrator, manager, programmer), the performer must understand cloud technologies, programming languages ​​and have experience with various operating systems.

DevOps technologies can be useful to many trade companies and software development agencies. Technically advanced corporations and global IT companies are actively using DevOps techniques. Smaller players are using less DevOps engineers due to less opportunity and lack of real need. Contact enterprise software development services by Dataart for more helpful information.