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Event Marketing


8 Effective Event Marketing Examples – Constant Contact


… Event marketing je novi alat promocije informisanja obaveštavanja podizanja ugleda jedne organizacije. To je komuniciranje sa onima koji će slušati i (2)

Event marketing – Wikipedia

… Event marketing is the experiential marketing of a brand service or product through memorable experiences or promotional events.(3)


Event Marketing: Benefits, Types, and Ideas for Retailers

… 14 Event marketing is a type of marketing strategy that involves creating and/or sponsoring an event to promote a product brand or service. The (5)

… 14 Event marketing means taking on a marketing strategy of leveraging in-person engagement. In event marketing one develops a themed exhibit (6)

Event Marketing: Past, Present, and Future (2023) – Zen Media

… 6 Let’s take a look at events from the not-so-distant past the present and our predictions for the future of event marketing in .(7)

… 1 Event marketing is planning building and implementing an event for the aim of marketing a brand product or service. Events can be organized (8)