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How does White Label PPC work and how it will help you make money?

How does White Label PPC work and how it will help you make money?


White Label business is well developed in the United Kingdom. There are 5,000 digital agencies registered on alone as of October 2022, which can expand its services without high costs with White Label. And the sooner you take advantage of this opportunity, the easier it will be to outplay your competitors. has done a market research and is ready to provide you useful information about White Label PPC! It’s an opportunity to sell paid advertising services without doing anything on your own.

What are White Label PPC services?

It is a type of advertising management where it is set up, managed, and optimized by another agency. That is, you only communicate with the client, and others do all the rest of the work. You don’t work with your client’s account and advertising, but instead, provide the client with results under your own brand. 

What is White Label Google Ads and how does it work?

White Label PPC assumes that the third agency will do for you and on your behalf a set of services for your clients:

  • setting up conversions;
  • strategy development;
  • building campaign (technical settings, copywriting, design);
  • bid optimization;
  • improving the traffic quality;
  • campaign effectiveness analysis;
  • creating a remarketing strategy;
  • tracking competitor activity and a lot more.

The work consists of several phases: you sell an advertising service to your clients, come to a PPC agency, use it to collect all the necessary information to launch an ad, the agency sets up, optimizes, and scales advertising campaigns, makes constant reporting for you and your client under your brand.

How does White Label PPC help you make money?

White Label PPC simplifies your business scalability and adds value to your bottom line. You don’t need to hire costly in-house staff if you don’t need them.

You can use the experience of the Penguin-team —

to offer your clients Google Ads management under your own brand. You will be able to expand the number of services provided, which means you can solve more issues for your customers.

Think of it as an addition to what you already provide, as well as an extra cash flow for you.

Pricing White Label PPC services UK

If you cooperate with a third PPC agency, you can sell advertising services at any price, based on the agency’s PPC fee. There are several ways to set your margin:


  • fixed payment per project or per month;
  • % of the cost of paid advertising;
  • hourly payment.


While you can pay using any payment system you prefer most: Paypal, Payoneer, etc.