Beginner's Guide to Must-Use Instagram Marketing Strategies

Top 6 Instagram Marketing Strategies For Your Brand – Beginner’s Manual

Top 6 Instagram Marketing Strategies For Your Brand – Beginner’s Manual


Social media was identified as the most important tool for building brand awareness in a recent assessment on the status of small businesses. Did you know that 73 percent of marketers said they want to boost their social media marketing spending?

In this blog, we’ve compiled a list of 6 Instagram marketing strategies worth considering in 2022.

Many brands have noticed a shift in content consumption from Facebook and Youtube to Instagram on a regular basis. Instagram has a monthly active user base of about 1.16 billion people.

Anyone may expand their reach and obtain a huge number of followers and interaction by using the appropriate tactics.

As a result, Instagram is without a doubt one of the most significant social media marketing channels that any marketer, whether a small business, a company, a blog, or even a page, should be using.

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6 Instagram Marketing Strategies of 2022

1.    Use A Business Account

Switching to a business account should be your first priority. The business account provides marketers with a number of useful features that help them better understand their target audiences and tailor their campaigns accordingly.

Here are a few of the perks:

  • Allows you to design and publish Instagram ads without using Facebook’s ad tools.
  • The Instagram Analytics tool is available to you.
  • Instagram has a shopping option.
  • Followers can contact you via your Instagram account by clicking the contact button.
  • Your profile has a call to action profile.

As a result, a business account includes all of the following free services. Analyze your measurements and plans in light of this.

2.    Create Realistic Goals

Goals are established in accordance with your company’s objectives. Identifying your objectives will assist you in fully comprehending each step and action you must take.

Setting goals using the SMART criterion is a good idea. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound is the acronym for SMART.

Instagram marketing aids in the establishment of objectives based on the following criteria:

  • Developing a brand
  • Expanding your reach and attracting a larger audience
  • Increasing lead generation
  • Increasing the sales volume

Determine your aim and devise the most effective marketing plan.

3.    Influencer Marketing

Reaching out to industry influencers is an excellent method to broaden your reach and promote your company to a new audience.

Influencers help you reach a wider audience by promoting your business on their social media platforms. You may also consider an Instagram takeover, in which influencers take over your account for a set amount of time or for a specific occasion.

Building ties with influencers can pay off in the long run for your company.

4.    Run Ads

Instagram Ads are a crucial and cost-effective approach to promote your business on the internet. You can specify a specific budget for the quantity of advertising you want to pay.

Sponsored advertising allows you to reach a larger audience in a short amount of time. To broaden your reach and diversity your engagement, create many posts for different target demographics.

Instagram has a variety of ad options. You have the option of posting photos, videos, dynamic advertisements, or tales. Try each one out and pick the one that best suits your needs.

Did you know? The same dashboard allows you to run ads on Facebook & Instagram. If you wish to learn this, invest in this short Online Instagram & Facebook Ads Course.

5.    Posting the Right Content at the Right Time

The most crucial strategy to keep your audience engaged is to create aesthetically appealing content. Customers will leave you if your content is old and unappealing, and people may unfollow you. Use platforms like Hootsuite and Hubspot to plan your content marketing strategy.

Instagram has a wide range of stuff to choose from. Experiment with several mediums and use each one to keep audiences engaged. Make sure your material is concise, clear, and easy to read.

Instagram stories are an excellent approach to get leads. You can also experiment with additional features like GIFs, boomerangs, stickers, and more.

Are you aware that posting product teaser posts results in increased sales? Product teaser posts are an easy approach to increase your product’s exposure and generate buzz, resulting in increased sales. However, keep in mind that your audience isn’t always online while you’re uploading posts. Keep track of when your target audience is most engaged.

To increase engagement on your postings, use catchy captions. For all of your postings, the optimal caption length is roughly 125-150 words. When it comes to enhancing your Instagram presence, using hashtags intelligently is crucial. Each post can have up to 30 hashtags. It is suggested that you use ten hashtags each post. Select those that are both relevant to your content and particular to your niche.

Finally, on your account, stick to a consistent theme and colours that reflect your business. It enables you to develop the look of your brand on Instagram.

6.    Track, track and track

Use the free Instagram Insights tool to keep track of your progress. With Instagram Insights, you can look at your demographic audience by age, gender, geography, and most active hours.

It also lets you view which posts have gotten the most and least engagement. The tool provides you with a clear image of how your audience reacts to your material.

Other free tools that can help you determine where your organisation stands are Google Analytics, HubSpot, and Hootsuite. It is critical to measure your performance on a regular basis in order to understand your current and future reach.

Additional Tips

Instagram is currently the most popular social networking site on the planet. You will be able to attain successful results if you take full use of it.

Because Instagram is mostly an image-based platform with billions of monthly users, curating appealing and engaging material, as well as employing effective techniques, will help you obtain more followers and interaction, and ultimately convert them into customers.

Every technique takes time and demands consistency and attention to detail. Stick to the guidelines above when planning your Instagram marketing approach.

We hope you had a good time reading this blog! Will you put the suggestions above to use? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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