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Proximity Marketing

Proximity Marketing


Proximity Marketing – Onpulson Wirtschaftslexikon

… Proximity keting wird auch Bluetooth-keting bezeichnet und ist eine Verkaufsstrategie im direkten Umfeld von Ladenlokalen.(1)

… The whole point of proximity marketing is to ensure that the end-user finds the campaigns relevant. Without an app it all becomes too easy to forget the (2)

How Proximity Marketing Can Aid Businesses – Forbytes

… 12 The aim of proximity-based marketing is to deliver marketing campaigns to consumers in close proximity to retailers restaurants or other (3)

… Proximity marketing goal is to deliver messages to people based on their precise location. You have probably heard about companies using it to attract customers (4)

Proximity Marketing and How Does It Work – Mapsted

… 18 Also known as “proximity-based marketing” or “mobile proximity marketing” proximity marketing involves targeting potential consumers with (5)

… Proximity keting und Location Based Services. Einzigartige Einkaufserlebnisse im Kaufhaus unterstützt durch IoT. Datenschutzerklärung des Unternehmens.(6)

WiFi Proximity Marketing: Strategies and how they work | Purple

… 23 t Proximity marketing is a communication strategy that businesses use to maximize engagement with customers in real-time within a targeted (7)

… 3 Essentially proximity marketing is all about making use of your customers’ and potential customers’ location in order to market your business.(8)