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Rebate: Definition, Types, Examples, Vs. Discount

… 22 Broadly speaking a rebate is a sum of money that is credited or returned to a customer on completion of a transaction. A rebate may offer (1)


Rebates & Discounts | ComEd – An Exelon Company

… We offer rebates and discounts on products like LED lightbulbs and smart thermostats to help you reduce energy use and give you more control over energy (3)


Available Rebates on ENERGY STAR® Air Conditioners

… Upgrade to a new high efficiency ENERGY STAR® air conditioner and get rebates up to $400 from DTE Energy!(5)

… By selecting your service type and district you can see a list of conservation rebates and programs currently available to you.(6)

What You Need to Know About the 2022 One-Time Tax Rebate

… Do you need to pay taxes on the rebate? On ruary 10 the IRS published guidance on the federal treatment of state tax payments to help taxpayers last year (7)

… To apply for a Water Conservation Program Rebate click on the rebate information below to print the appropriate rebate form and accompanying information.(8)